Work/Task Breakdown

This project will be split into 2 distinct workstreams:

1. Service Readiness - This workstream will focus on all the associated ongoing work and projects that require elements to be in place for the Start of Term. This workstream will deal with the monitoring, reporting and communications to ensure that everything required is in place or any issues are escalated to SLT.

2. Welcome Week - This workstream will focus on the tasks required for the successful delivery of Welcome week. This will include IT connectivity, Bank Letters and Card photo uploads and delivery.

Resources, Skills and Costs




Produce Project Brief


Agree Estimates


Planning review/sign off Project Brief

Execute Plan

Communication Plan Draft


Welcome Week Work Stream

  • Planning
    • Estimate costs
    • Plan activity, who, what when
    • Review and agree the plan
  • Execute work packages 
  Establish a Communications Plan


Agree staff contacts and involvement from IS divisions, University, EUSA


Confirm tools and processes (collating information, reviewing, regular reporting, communications)


Establish List of collated information 


Perform regular reviews


Regular reporting and communication


Escalation of gaps in information for attention



Review Execution

 Lessons Learned




Write closure report


Project Closure



Resources, Skills and Costs

The project is estimated at 75 days broken down as follows:

Project Management 

  • 75 days of project management effort split between this and the next financial year. There may be the requirement for some Business Analysis with additional resources from project services intern. The intern's time will not be recorded to the project. 

The 75 days will be split into the following financial years:

  • FY 21/22 : 45 Days
  • FY 22/23 : 30 Days

Student Helper

The project intends to recruit a student to work part-time (up to 15 hours per week) from April/MAy to June then full time until the end of week 1. 

Financial Budget

In 2022/23 the project used a budget of £36,139. This covered all the external costs for Welcome Week expect staff costs including student helpers: 

  • cost of licences
  • giveaways for students
  • experiential activities for students

A similar budget should be secured for this year's project.

Project Governance

There are several layers of Governance for this project. The project will adhere to the standard Apps Review governance. In addition, the project will report on a monthly basis from April to July to ISG SLT and from August to the start of teaching on a weekly basis to ISG SLT.  

Project Stakeholders

Name Area Role
Adam Wadee ISG Applications Project Services  ISGOTH Programme Manager Name
Alex Carter ISG Applications Service Management  IS Applications Service Management Representative (Project Team Member) 
Alister Mayze ISG User Services Help Services  Help Services Section Manager 
Barry Croucher ISG User Services Directorate Help Services  Business Lead 
Cheryl Hutton Residence Life  Residence Life Representative 
Colin Pritchard Estates Head of Help Services  Estates Senior Representative 
Colm Harmon Principal's Office  Vice Principal (Students) 
Craig Robertson ISG Corporate  Facilities Operations Manger 
Lesley Greer (TBC) ISG LTW Learning Spaces Technology  LST Representative (Project Team Member) 
Gavin McLachlan Information Services CIO  Senior Management Stakeholder 
Gosia Such ISG User Services  Director of User Services (Project Team) 
Graeme Wood ISG IT Infrastructure  ITI Representative (Project Team Member) 
ISG Senior Leadership Team (ISG SLT) Information Services  Project Governance 
Kevin Brogan ISG Learning, Teaching and Web  IS LTW Representative (Project Team Member) 
Lisa McDonald ISG User Services  ITIL Manager 
Mark Ritchie ISG Applications Project Services  Senior Management Stakeholder (Project Services) 
Marshall Dozier ISG University Library and Collections  L&UC Representative (Project Team Member) 
Neil Bruce ISG User Services  Project Sponsor (Project Team Member) 
Paul Gorman ISG User Services Directorate  Deputy Head of Help Services 
Shaun Brunett ISG User Services Directorate  Head of ISG Communications (Project Team Member) 
Stuart MacLeod Estates (Interim Head of Construction)  Estates Rep for large projects (Project Team Member) 
Suran Perera ISG Applications  (Acting) Head of Production Management 
TBC  Student Induction Team  Student Induction Manager 
TBC ISG User Services Directorate  Business Lead 
Tommy Angus Estates (Head of Small Projects)  Estates Rep for small projects (updates will be sent through Euan Murray) 
Victoria Cunto ISG User Services Directorate  Communications Officer 

Project Info

IT & Library Business Service Readiness for Start of Term 23/24
ISG User Services (USD)
Management Office
Project Manager
Tim Gray
Project Sponsor
Gosia Such
Current Stage
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority