Evolving technologies and data-rich, researcher-driven environments provide new opportunities to share, publish and communicate research results. This broadening of access to and availability of research data can be used to engender new research ideas and open up avenues for collaboration, further leveraging the value of a research investment.

This proposal aims to showcase collaborative research data 'installations' through an exhibition pioneered by research students from across the three colleges (15 data 'installations', 5 per college). The exhibition will serve to demonstrate a discrete set of cross-disciplinary outcomes which will act as tangible research output in their own right for participating researcher students.

Collaborations will be enabled through a series of workshops where research students will find collaborators and establish working relationships with peers from other colleges. Researchers will be encouraged to explore synergies in a supportive environment and find new ways to visualise, materialise and communicate data that is both accessible and inspirational to a non-expert audience.

The proposal will be managed by the Data Library, a service that provides local researchers with support for finding, accessing, using and managing research data. Exposure to both research workflow and resultant output will inform both Data Library and broader RDM Programme initiatives about diverse RDM practises and how future services can be developed and tailored to meet university, funder and researcher needs.

We will seek to partner with the Centre for Research Collections (CRC) and the Institute for Academic Development (IAD). Other potential partners include Alan Turing Institute, Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Science, Talbot Rice Gallery, EDINA, Code Base, Design Informatics, as well as college graduate offices and PhD supervisors where appropriate. Three PhD interns will be recruited via the University's Employ.ed for PhDs Programme to act as college representatives and liaise with research students.

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'Pioneering Research Data' Exhibition
IS Innovation - IS Corporate (ISI)
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Stuart Macdonald
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Jo Craiglee
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