This is a joint project between LTW and L&UC colleagues to support work on an innovative exhibition and related series of events celebrating 100 years of women's suffrage.  The outputs will be a virtual online exhibition including a customised interactive digital time line, complemented by a small physical exhibition in the Library, and a series of related events including Wikipedia editathons, and a celebration in December - the month in which women could first vote.

We have been running a series of Wikipedia editathons during 2018 related to the Vote100 campaign which have created new articles related to the suffrage campaign, and also identified existing articles that have a connection to Edinburgh. Colleagues within the University have contributed to Vote100 events, most notably Processions 2018, where the banner created by ECA colleagues led the procession through the streets of Edinburgh. We have also identified a limited, but highly significant number of items in the University Collections which are relevant to Vote100.

This project will curate these physical and digital artefacts into a hybrid exhibition drawing on a diverse pool of talent from across LTW and L&UC. It will create new outputs in the form of Wikipedia articles and a Histropedia time line and draw those digital artefacts back into the physical exhibition by making the interactive time line available on a "digital table" in the Main Library foyer.

The innovative elements that we wish to experiment with are the blend of physical and digital resources; using Wikimedia resources as part of exhibitions; using Wikimedia resources to showcase our Collections to a global audience; using ISG Digital design resources to support exhibitions.

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Vote100 Exhibition
Innovation Programme 2018/19
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Anne-Marie Scott
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Gavin McLachlan
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