The Oracle SOA suite was chosen as one of our key enabling technologies for enterprise application integration and developing agile business processes. Currently, several key applications have been developed on the Oracle SOA 10g suite, including the new Identity Management system (IDM) and Infinite. Oracle released a major new version of SOA, 11g and the final 10g development release was issued in September 2009.


Working with Oracle SOA 10g has revealed several problems in the past which have required considerable effort to address.  These include installation problems, bugs in the JDeveloper development tool, problems following server restarts, and bugs in the human workflow service.  Consultants have all advised us to upgrade to 11g as soon as possible to get a more reliable and efficient development environment.


Oracle will end support for version 10g in 2013, which will make an upgrade essential in 2012-13.  In the meantime, Oracle’s support for 10g is minimal as many other users have already upgraded.  If the university continues with version 10g for another year, we will waste further days dealing with the problems of 10g and increase the work required to migrate newly developed systems from 10g to 11g

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Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
November 2013 BLUE 334.0 days 334.0 days 0.0