Primo (DiscoverEd) is able to harvest metadata in MARC21 and Dublin Core formats, which are the two most commonly used standards for bibliographic and digital object metadata. Harvesting and conversion to Primo's own XML format is highly configurable, which means that DiscoverEd has the potential to offer a unified search for resources that are currently described in separate databases using different metadata standards.

Our proposal is for a pilot project looking at metadata relating to individual persons, focusing on two collections of images in the Luna database which relate to persons of significant historical interest.

The Luna collections are:

The Edinburgh Seven, being the first group of matriculated undergraduate female students at any British university.

Henry Raeburn portraits: digital images of 10 portraits painted by Sir Henry Raeburn.

The scope of the project would be:

  • To quantify all L&UC items and collections relating to the above persons, either as creator/author or as subjects, including those described Alma, Vernon/Luna, Archive Space, ERA and Pure
  • To assess the consistency of authority controlled forms of names for these persons across the various catalogue databases, including reference to international name authority programmes (LCNAF, VIAF, UNESCO) and the creation of standard in-house forms of names for any persons not recorded by international programmes
  • To liaise with senior curatorial staff in all L&UC divisions with regard to the impact on international metadata aggregator programmes
  • To research and assess projects undertaken by comparator institutions to achieve unified searches using next generation discovery tools, both commercial and open source

To develop methodologies to standardise authority controlled forms for the named persons across L&UC's catalogue databases and assess the potential for making all resources discoverable through the DiscoverEd platform, with consistent authority controlled networking between the resources

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Pilot project to standardise authority metadata across Library and University Collections catalogues and repositories
IS Innovation - Library & University Collections (LCI)
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Rachel Summers
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Rachel Summers
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Not Started
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