This project will experiment with crowdsourcing to surface archival collections in a non-traditional way.  It will experiment with a fun and engaging interface for users to play with transcribing and translating some of our 'star' unique archival collections. These transcriptions and translations will be harvested to enhance collections information. This will provide resources for teaching, learning and research in the University, in particular with languages and linguistics and for courses that require use of original primary material. The aim is to provide a space for our communities externally and internally to engage with documents written with particular natural phrasing and styles. This will introduce first time experimental enhancement of collection cataloguing, engaging communities with what is unique and only available at the University of Edinburgh.

The game will provide a testbed of digital images of newly discovered, high profile items in our archives which are in a variety of languages. These are notoriously difficult collections to deal with to ensure accuracy of description. Basic descriptions will be provided in our open source cataloguing system ArchivesSpace and connected to images digitised in our image database by a collections intern. A crowdsourcing open source platform such as zooniverse or micropast (that uses Pybossa) will provide an engagement front end.  The development intern will experiment with, benchmark and investigate which platform would suit the needs of our users and the project first, before any development takes place.

This project enables the University to enhance academic, student and public engagement and ensure the rapid and seamless discovery of collections.  It will consolidate the University of Edinburgh as an innovative leader in making collections available.

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Polyglot - Crowdsourcing Language Skills for Enhancing Collections Knowledge
IS Innovation - Library & University Collections (LCI)
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Rachel Summers
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Rachel Summers
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