This project will create interactive data visualisations using existing EAD/XML catalogues of medical case notes. The visualisations will represent the key trends found in these records and increase accessibility for teaching/research. The work will be undertaken by a student intern, supported by both the Library Digital Development and Lothian Health Services Archive (LHSA) teams, gaining invaluable experience in an increasingly popular field of development using digital scholarship technologies such as D3.js and the Informatics developed Geoparser. If time permits this work will be extended to visualisations of other Archive Collections.

LHSA is currently cataloguing c.21,000 case notes from Edinburgh’s Royal Victoria Hospital in a project, 'RVH v TB', funded by the Wellcome Trust Research Resources scheme. These case notes contain information on the development of tuberculosis treatment throughout the twentieth century and provide insight into how the disease, still classified as a ‘global health emergency’, was controlled and reduced in a city wracked with poverty and poor living conditions. Data visualisations would open up new insights into the collection in a user friendly way, providing a unique real world representation of historical public health data, which could support teaching for SSC4/5 medical students and students in the humanities, for example.

The case notes are being catalogued individually, recording key attributes such as medical conditions, treatments given, and the age, gender and occupation of the patients using standardised index terms, which can be used to search the collection. This project proposes to take the information recorded in the catalogue to create data visualisations in the form of maps, charts and graphs which would show the relationships between medical conditions, treatments and social circumstances in the period covered by the case notes. The elements shown could be changed to reflect the research interests of the user (for examples, see: or

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TB-D3: Visualising LHSA's TB data
IS Innovation - Library & University Collections (LCI)
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Claire Knowles
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Jeremy Upton
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