The Library UX Group was set up in April 2016, and has completed some initial observation and research work looking at the use of the Main Library space by students and staff. Innovation funding would be used to fund the consolidation of this group and to run some high profile initiatives between October 2016 and May 2017.  This time frame would allow recruitment of two student interns, time to carry out the project and produce a full report with proposals for modifications and improvements.  We would employ two part time student interns to work collaboratively on two different strands of this project, but both with the overall aim of assessing the student expectations of the library space and facilities; staff expectations of the use of the space and evidence gathering regarding potential improvements and changes.  

One intern would focus on conducting further research and observational work of the use of the Main Library foyer, which has been the subject of a preliminary study by the Library UX group.  They would collate and analyse observational data collected by other student helpers and outline plans for implementation of the ideas generated and methods for carrying out any future enhancements.

  The second intern would focus on more in depth research looking at user experiences within the library in general.  This would include student and staff interviews, and setting up focus groups to understand more about the use of the library.  

We would expect the interns to work in partnership, with their priorities and work schedule overseen by the Library UX group following guidance from LMT/SMT and Library Masterplan groups.  Some elements of their work could be driven by specific questions about how the space is used, whilst other areas would focus on observations, feedback and extended interviews.

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