This project draws upon knowledge and experience across IS to engage MSc students in co-designing a set of open online learning materials around the topic of ‘Creating Sustainable Digital Collections’.

The project has two components: a student-led assessment of needs and the co-design and production of a set of self-directed learning materials designed to guide researchers through the processes and decisions involved in creating and presenting digital collections.

Employing students, the project will conduct an assessment of perceived skills needs across relevant CAHSS Masters programmes. The team will work closely with the students and staff on the MSc Book History and Material Culture, led jointly by the Centre for the History of the Book and the Centre for Research Collections, to co-design and produce a set of online learning materials which will be made openly available. While the content of the materials will be finalised during the project, it is envisaged that it will cover topics such as selecting and preparing material for digitisation, tools for digitisation, developing data architectures, metadata creation, and presenting collections online.

The strategy will be to gather and curate content already available online where possible, supplementing this with new material where appropriate in order. The MSc provides a context in which to trial new learning materials and get immediate feedback, and a context in which the project output can be immediately incorporated. However, it is envisaged that the material produced will be of interest to a wide range of professionals and academics across the university and beyond. 

The findings of the needs analysis and the experience of co-design will be written up as a case study and shared within ISG. Potential for developing and running an online course on the topic will be assessed and, if appropriate, a proposal will be offered to the MOOC office.

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July 2017 BLUE 21.0 days 24.1 days 0.0

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Creating Sustainable Digital Collections: Co-Design of Self-Directed Online Learning Materials to Support Postgraduate Students
IS Innovation - Library & University Collections (LCI)
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Lisa Otty
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Jeremy Upton
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