Currently, there is no standard format for the inclusion of maps on webpages or web apps built by staff at the University of Edinburgh. Third party solutions are being used which can be inconsistent in design or come at a cost, often both. In many situations maps aren’t being used at all due to lack of experience.

We propose to create a web interface to allow the generation of a web map for inclusion in a project page, MOOC, event webpage etc. The project would make it much easier to include maps in websites and create a much more professional look to those websites.

Through the interface, users could specify the size of the map; upload points, routes or other features to include; or to add functionality like adding markers. The project would include the creation of special University of Edinburgh Cartographic styles using OpenStreetMap data, allowing users to pick a mapping style that suits their purpose; corporate colours for events, topographic map for field study sites etc. We would take styling cues from the UoE GEL and EDINA's experience with cartography.

The final part of the project would include identification of all University of Edinburgh sites and buildings in the OpenStreetMap dataset, making sure they were accurately depicted and had the correct attributes.

We aim to use technology, such as Mapbox to create and stream bespoke OpenStreetMap data. The web interface would be used to specify a JavaScript map widget using Leaflet. After entering the details into a web form the html code will be generated which can be cut and pasted into the webpage they are creating. A Free MapBox account allows 10 styles and 50,000 map views per month; this should make it adequate for the purposes of the project.

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May 2017 BLUE 22.0 days 23.9 days 0.0

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Edinburgh Maps
IS Innovation - Library & University Collections (LCI)
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Guy McGarva
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Jeremy Upton
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