This project supports Resource Lists which have been identified as a keystone for Hybrid Teaching and Learning in response to the impact of COVID-19. Resource Lists are 1 of 5 key elements which will underpin the Hybrid Teaching Model for the start of the 20/21 semester. All courses, where appropriate, are to have Resource Lists available. For Library Learning Services the automated course load will provide:

  • Better financial modelling for the purchase of course list material.
  • Up to date information regarding courses and facilitate a better understanding of student numbers.
  • Time savings for Library Learning Services to manage Resource Lists rather than managing data.
  • Critical support to Resource Lists which are a key element of Hybrid Teaching.


Up to date Course Information for Students and Instructors is crucial to supporting ongoing services which are driven by Course Information. These being Resource Lists and Course Reserve High Use Books. We need to know accurate student numbers for each course to be able to purchase enough required reading texts.

The Course Information on Alma is used to integrate the Resource Lists service with VLEs. Automated loading would reduce potential mismatches and increase Student user experience.

This project is being initiated for:

  • The opportunity is to be able to have an automated course load which updates our Course Information on the library system (Alma) once daily.
  • This would provide Students and Course Instructors with immediate correct information in the Leganto Resource List service and Course Reserve collection.
  • It would provide internal staff (Library Learning Services, Acquisitions, Course Reserve) with the detail required to be able to order the appropriate number of copies for items on a Resource List. Purchasing is based on course numbers.  Staff would immediately be able to see the right information and course reading would be purchased more quickly.
  • Analytics – we would be much better placed to report on usage based on Course Information (percentage of usage etc)

Current project status

Report Date RAG Budget Effort Completed Effort to complete
November 2020 BLUE 124.0 days 126.1 days 0.0

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Student Course Load into Library System Alma
ISG - Library & University Collections (LUC)
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Alex Ross
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Kirsty Lingstadt
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