Project to generate student ideas and proof of concept implementations of augmented reality in a learning environment, using the Microsoft Holo Lens technology.

We have approached Microsoft regarding piloting the new Holo Lens with our students, and using them to develop innovative ways of using this technology. Conversations are at an early stage, but there has been a positive expression of interest in working with us. Going forward with this project would be contingent on Microsoft committing to work with us.

The project will task students with designing and creating new learning experiences, using cutting edge technology. Our students are creative and capable and can teach us much about improving the student experience. In turn, offering the opportunity to participate in a project like this can develop a range of useful digital and professional skills for our students.

The project would involve approaching the general student population and asking them to generate possible implementations using the Holo Lens.  IS LTW would run showcase and familiarisation events to stimulate ideas, outline what's possible and encourage students to team up and work together. We will use Innovative Learning Week (February 2016) to provide students with the opportunity to focus in-depth on developing their idea, with guidance and mentors on hand to advise them (dependant on interest there may need to be a cap on numbers here).

Ideas that are deemed viable will ideally be piloted in a live environment with feedback being collected from staff and/or students.

We will end the project with another showcase event, for the best ideas/implementations to be presented back to a wider Univesity and Microsoft audience.

Academic and support staff would be involved in providing advice for students when generating ideas (this is to ensure that students understand that we will not have the IS resource to develop new content or applications for them, and the size and scope of proposals are realistic).

Microsoft would hopefully be involved from the start to offer support and guidance to the team leading the project, and to students throughout the process. We would need Microsoft to supply relevant technology and basic training on the new hardware along with promotional material (which can be used to advertise the project).

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Augmented Reality and Learning (Microsoft Holo Lens)
IS Innovation - Learning, Teaching and Web (LTI)
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Myles Blaney
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Helen Murphie
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