Design or procure a learning dashboard for staff and students that would provide an integrated, central hub for learning and development, allowing learners to personalise their learning and provide valuable analytics enabling them to plan development paths, track progress and share achievements with current or potential employers.
While Edinburgh staff and students have various ways of planning their development, use many learning methods and sources (e.g., internal online resources, face-to-face) and have a variety of ways to record progress, there is currently no one-stop place that brings everything together within the university. The learning dashboard would do this through integration with key learning providers, both internal and external such as, and professional development and accreditation frameworks such as CMALT.
Users could use analytics provided by the dashboard to plan personal and professional (i.e. non-curricular) development paths in a variety of areas, track progress, receive recognition for achievements such as badges and share these with potential employers. For staff, this would provide a valuable link to annual development reviews.
Similar examples: Khan Academy Dashboard, LearnDash WordPress plug-in


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Learning dashboards for professional development
IS Innovation - Learning, Teaching and Web (LTI)
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