During the Google Glass Pilot Project the requirement for live Point of View video was explored across several disciplines, where the ability for the tutor to share their "Point of View" live with a group of students via projection or large screen monitors was investigated.

While battery life was a serious issue the main difficulty was the long latency in the transmission of the signal to the display. Many other web streaming devices share this long latency rendering their use in live interactive situations ineffective.

Within Vet Medicine their requirement articulates a good example for further investigation and development of an effective Live Interactive Point of View Video system. They require to transmit live video from an academic treating the hooves of cattle in a fairly hostile environment to a viewing area in a barn, two way audio supports the conversation between clinician and students during the process.  Synchronisation between the audio and video is essential to be effective together with a wireless method of operation. Using a separate camera would require an operator and the ability for the clinician to view what the camera is looking at, using a Point of View head mounted system overcomes these requirements and puts the academic firmly in control.

Such a system will have applications across several disciplines.                   


  1. Wireless System
  2. Head Mounted Camera
  3. Able to work in hostile environments – Splashproof
  4. Low Latency end to end from Camera to Display
  5. High Definition Video

This bid is to develop a system around the newly released HEROcast video link system designed to operate with GOPro cameras. This will provide a wireless low latency system which would be tested in several environments enabling a range of disciplines to experiment with Live Point of View Video, contacts gleaned from the Google Glass Project will provide a range of user scenarios.​

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Live Interactive Point of View Video
IS Innovation - Learning, Teaching and Web (LTI)
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Helen Murphie
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