A key University priority is improving feedback quality to students this has been identified as an area of weakness through both local mechanism and at national level through the NSS.  A recent paper to Senatus Learning Committee highlighted the importance of building in assessment literacy to courses and programmes. Furthermore, the “Leading enhancement in Assessment and Feedback (LEAF)” Project is identifying this as an area which would benefit both staff and students as a community.

Improving assessment practices across the University involves training academic staff and students in assessment literacy, assessment methods and how technology can support the different types of assessments in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Aligned to this objective, the information on assessment and feedback currently available in the website via the Institute of Academic Development and IS pages could be expanded by including a web area on assessment literacy. This new web area could be seen as a pilot project to pioneer a new web design which presents complex information in visually-enhanced way. The web area should also include information on the different types of assessments that academic programmes could support as part of the quality guidelines on assessment prepared by the Assistant Principal for Assessment and Feedback Susan Rhind.

The website area on assessment literacy will be developed as a resource aimed at:

  • Improving assessment literacy of academic and academic-related staff.
  • Raising awareness on good assessment design.
  • Defining an assessment taxonomy which links the different types of assessment with the reflective skills and learning styles that each assessment type supports.
  • Identify the UoE web tools and software platforms that can best support each assessment type.
  • Providing a showcase of good assessment practices across colleges/schools.
  • Allowing tutors and students to provide feedback on assessment practices.

The resource will be developed following W3 Accessibility guidelines.

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Assessment Literacy
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