This project does require further scoping and estimation, but I'd like to submit this bit for Innovation Fund money before the deadline closes today. Should the concept be of interest, I'd be happy to speak to Library colleagues to better define the scope and cost. Elize Rowan, Content Acquisition & Acquisitions Manager, has expressed interest.

In June 2016 I first spoke with a colleague who was on secondment to Library Information Systems. He'd heard that it may be possible to integrate resources with DiscoverEd to make them searchable through this platform, and asked if we were going to pursue this. I put this to the Lynda Implementation Project (TEL034) team at the time, but it was deemed to be out of scope for that project and something to return to later. The Innovation Fund might provide suitableĀ  resource for investigating and implementing this.

At the same time, Elize Rowan explained that 'This resource has been a potential targetĀ  for the Scottish Higher Education Digital Library (SHEDL) consortium, which is a part of the wider Scottish Consortium of University Libraries (SCURL). At the recent SHEDL working Group, institutional reps were tasked with investigating potential level of interest, or in cases such as ours where it has already been licensed, initial views and feedback on the resource itself, including costing information.'

RMIT University Library have implemented this, and have since looked at how it affected the usage figures: 'We have looked at data 12 months prior to load and 12 months after load - the data suggests usage is up by 168%. I would suggest that the load of content is just one factor. We also added into Primo the use of Adwords which points to directly - we will be watching the data to see whether SSO has made a difference as well.'

Sheffield Hallam, who use the same discovery service as us, have also achieved this integration. This link provides an example of a video in their collection: University of East London have also successfully achieved integration.

Indications are that if there are no unforseen complications, this will be a relatively small project requiring someone to speak to other universities and about the process that others have used, and to link the two systems. However, this project does require more detailed scoping, and resource to be allocated to make it happen.

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Lynda Integration with DiscoverEd
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