The Nureva Span system uses multiple projectors to create up to a 3.1m wide interactive wall. Users in the space can simultaneously interact with the system adding comments and pictures to a project. Distance users can also login online and interact and see the project develop in real time. The system can not only be used in teaching spaces but could also be installed in student breakout spaces to support collaboration out with core teaching. Keeping the University of Edinburgh at the forefront of the digital students experience.

We would like to work with Estates Space Manager to create two innovative pilot locations and we propose the following.  1)      Murchison House at Kings Buildings with Estates covering that cost.  2)      A central location that this innovation fund would cover*.

The system has a one of cost for equipment of around £14k plus a yearly licence per user, currently £8. We are looking to buy 2 projectors on a current by one get one free deal of around £9k (Confirmation of this deal still being available). We are looking for around £15k to cover the equipment and licensing.

* uCreate Studio already has an appropriate dry wipe wall which could be utilised and the addition of Nureva would complement this space with the benefit of making it more visible and accessible to students during the pilot.

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Nureva Span Local & Distance Collaborative System
z. ISG Learning Teaching and Web - Strategic Projects (Closed)
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Melissa Highton
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