St Cecilia’s Hall displays over 500 musical instruments in four galleries. The building, the oldest purpose-built concert hall in Scotland, is a centre for the display and interpretation of musical instruments and musical performance. The museum was redeveloped and reopened in 2017. For the past two years visitors to the museum have accessed recordings of over 90 musical instruments on display through a bespoke museum app available for free through download or by borrowing a tablet at reception. The app was designed to be used ‘in-house’ or as a resource at home. The app was designed by a third party and as such, The University of Edinburgh does not have the ability to alter the app to match changes in display or add additional information as it becomes available.  

Sound at St Cecilia’s will rectify the static nature of the current visitor app by replacing it with a new dynamic website encompassing the apps features alongside the normal features expected from a website. The project will incorporate more sound and information into the visitor experience at St Cecilia’s Hall for both in-house and external visitors via a single online platform. This will be done through stand-alone interactive tablet kiosks in each of the galleries, as well as individual hand-held devices that visitors can borrow to explore the galleries. The project will utilize a dynamic website which will completely replace the current app and can be used both in the stand-alone kiosk(s) and on a smartphone/tablet. The website will allow visitors to access sound files, video links and layered levels of interpretation. The navigation of the interpretation will be intuitive, attractive and user friendly utilising modern web design practices. The website will be responsive for users and easily updated by staff at St. Cecelia’s Hall.

Additionally, we will create a ‘sound scape’ in the Sypert Concert Room that will play music as a visitor tours the room, supplementing a virtual reality headset which reconstructs the 18th-entury Concert Room.

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Sound at St Cecilia's
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