The purpose of this partnership project is to allow the University of Edinburgh (UoE) Museums, the National Galleries of Scotland (NGS) and the National Library of Scotland (NLS) maintain established and grow new relationships through developing and delivering off-site and offline engagement with the dementia community and those with learning disabilities, for whom digital is not a solution.

We will bring into being an Edinburgh Heritage for Health Resource Point for those working in the health and care sector and for family carers seeking non-clinical support, through heritage and culture, for people living with a range of health and social inequalities. This grant will afford dedicated human resource to support development of a range of legacy outputs.

The Community Connector post-holder will support the development of an Edinburgh and Lothian’s Health and Care database; establish focus groups and community-curator teams for strategic and operational consultation and resource development, respectively; support recruitment of ‘At Home with Heritage’ volunteer team, organise a number of information sessions and compile and administrate monthly ‘At Home with Heritage’ updates.

The Community Connector: At Home with Heritage project will leave a sustainable, complimentary legacy of the Edinburgh and Lothian’s.

Start date: February 2021 End date: March 2022 Funder: Museums Galleries Scotland Amount: £21,756


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Community Connector: At Home with Heritage
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