Summary of objectives: developing remote and onsite engagement with musical instruments through filmed tours and performances. More detail: This project will enhance our online offer, enabling remote visitors to enjoy the same level of expert interpretation as our on-site visitors. Our live guided tours are very popular with visitors, in part due to the expertise and enthusiasm of staff. During the Coronavirus pandemic we have not been able to offer the same level of onsite access so are keen to further develop what is accessible online. In addition, the same tours can be followed onsite by individuals navigating the galleries through the interactive website that has been developed over the last 12 months. We are also keen to offer more sound, both remotely and onsite, so this project includes the creation of videos of specialists playing our instruments or similar surrogates where our examples are not in playing condition. Being able to hear the sound of instruments is an important element in understanding them and in engaging with unfamiliar objects and cultures. We plan in particular to focus on instruments from around the world where we currently have limited audio examples. We will seek out and develop relationships with musicians based in Scotland who play instruments from diverse cultures, building relationships with a range of different groups.

Start and end dates: 1 February to 31 July 2021

Funder and amounts: Museums Galleries Scotland £25,200; UofE (EUCHMI endowment) £2,500 To include internship for 3 months; costs of videographer; fees for local musicians form diverse musical cultures

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Can’t Stop the Music
Library & Collections - Centre for Research Collections (LUCCRC)
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