Training Brief


This stream will cover the following areas:

  • Continue to support Strand 1 and Strand 2 of the Training Programme where required.  Strand 1 and Strand 2 will train staff and students in the fundamentals of the lecture recording service.
  • This workstream will  cover the planning and delivery of Strand 3 of the Training programme which goes beyond the fundamentals of lecture recording and looks at the opportunities the new service offers the academic experience at the university.
  • The training programme will cater for the expanding user group which will contain many users who are not familiar with lecture recording.
  • Enhancing the delivery of training to focus messages through schools as well as delivering training for a central  cross campus group.


  • To make sure we are underpinning the primary focus which is to serve the expanding user group using the following approach:

    • Using a phased approach to deliver different training elements across different time periods.
    • Take training to the Schools so they can practice in the rooms they will use.
    • Offer a range of formats to suit the varied audience (must include hands-on).
    • Offer training in modules so users can pick and choose what they need. Also keeps sessions short.
    • Reassurance is key.
  • To cater for each user group by achieving the following goals:
    • Continue to move existing users onto the new system whilst maintaining continuity of service.
    • Inform new users on the service and support the change in practice as lecture recording is incorporated into general teaching.
    • Help to improve teaching through good practice when using the lecture recording service.
    • To provide assistance that can help presenters feel more comfortable and confident when recording a lecture.
    • Using additional tools and new methods to improve teaching
    • Communicate case studies of those using lecture recording at the university to the user group and ring feedback from students.
  • To resource the training team appropriately and cater for the peaks and troughs in demand for training within the schools.
  • To analyse all feedback and enhance the lecture recording service that is being delivered.


Strand 3 will have multiple delivery methods.

  • Fact finding meetings with school staff and appropriate stakeholders within the programme  resulting in a work plan for phase 2.  That work plan will then be approved through the programme governance process.
  • The continued delivery of  the fundamentals training which began in Phase 1.
  • The delivery of stand 3 events.
  • Collaboration with colleagues across the programme, schools, service team and academic forums (such as the Institute of Academic Development).
  • Regular reporting on the attendance at training and analysis of the progress in strand 3 in relation to the expected benefits of lecture recording. 


Work/Task Breakdown

Training is being led by Digital Skills with PM support.  Currently PM support is included in the budget.


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Lecture Recording Expansion Phase
ISG - Lecture Recording (MLE)
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Colin Forrest
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Anne-Marie Scott
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