This MOOC will examine course design for short online courses.

This course is aimed at subject matter experts who are interested in developing the key skills and knowledge to create a short online course. It will introduce the key components, considerations, and digital tools needed to produce engaging online learning materials, either in collaboration with learning design teams at the University or elsewhere.  

Learners will develop the skills to transform existing educational content, and create new materials, in a variety of appropriate formats in line with accessibility and Open Educational Resources (OER) requirements. Learners will also develop an understanding of the purpose of a short online course and the benefits of a “bitesize” approach to learning design. 

The course will provide opportunities for learners to complete practical activities on personas, active learning, writing for online learning, content format, Open Educational Resources (OER), script writing and media production. This will enable them to consolidate their knowledge and start creating the building blocks needed to confidently begin the course design process, either in learning design workshops with support from University of Edinburgh teams, or developing a course outwith the University. Content will be released as OERs, so it can be re-used by both those taking the course and those who access the materials directly. 

On completion of this course, learners will be able to:  

  1. Use personas to gain a clear understanding of intended audiences for short online courses. 

  1. Describe the value of active learning and narrative in digital education, and write concise content using appropriate language and tone. 

  1. Identify suitable formats, and follow guidance, for creating engaging online materials in line with accessibility and Open Educational Resources (OER) requirements. 

  1. Analyse a range of current digital education tools and explain some of their benefits and limitations. 

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