Impact, funding and dependencies

Priority and Funding

This is a number 1 priority for the college as this will allow us to underpin some of the key deliverables set out in the College strategy.  The college is funding 1 x 0.5 FTE for a period of time (TBC) to allow this work to be undertaken by a key resource who has the required skillsets and experience to progress this. A breakdown of the high level project Gantt chart, stakeholders list and overview documentation on the approach is held within the documentation for the project.

Impact and Dependencies

There are a number of dependencies within this project, namely resourcing and stakeholder engagement.  A large part of this work is to speak to key stakeholders around the college to build up a comprehensive breakdown of how the tools and services are currently used, and how the business requirements could inform which system(s) could be used moving forward. We need to ensure that the correct level is support is in place to allow this work to proceed, with additional resource to be provided where required.  In addition, while trying to ensure that there is low impact on the key stakeholders during a busy time of the year.