Background Within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, there are a number of platforms, tools and services used for e-learning which are supplied and supported by the LTS e-Learning unit.  As part of the wider CMVM IT review, a comprehensive, fresh review of these e-learning tools and services is required to help provide a suitable roadmap for e-learning to support and underpin the College strategy moving forward. Scope The scope of this review is to identify where convergence of core LTS-supported services/tools with IS-supported services/tools is feasible and where bespoke systems remain the only option. Maintaining quality of service provision is the over-riding consideration. Objectives 1. To understand the current landscape. 2. To understand the high level business requirements and processes which underpin the use of these tools and services. 3. Help provide a clear suggested roadmap for each of the identified systems moving forward. Deliverables e-Learning review paper which will help set the direction moving forward.  A further project may be required to progress the key findings. Benefits To help underpin the College strategy and some of the key deliverables around growing student numbers, this review will help demonstrate how the current e-Learning tools and services delivered by LTS fit moving forward.  Clear direction is required to help deliver these key objectives. Success Criteria A clear understanding of how the current key systems underpin the business requirements. A roadmap for each of these current key systems moving forward. A breakdown of the high level project Gantt chart, stakeholders list and overview documentation on the approach is held within the documentation for the project.