Stakeholder engagement feedback

This page will include the raw feedback documentation collated from the stakeholder engagement meetings throughout May and June. Below is an example of the meeting invitations which Jo Spiller, the key resource on this project, has been sending out to engage with the key stakeholders: "Dear All As you may be aware, the College of MVM’s Learning Technology Section is in the process of joining Information Services. The eLearning team within LTS will join the newly established Division of Learning, Teaching and Web Services within Information Services on the 1st May. As part of this merger, the College and IS have requested a review is undertaken of current eLearning services provided by LTS with the aim of informing how best these services are to be provided in the coming years. We would like to speak with all the key users/stakeholders of LTS platforms and services within the College in order to capture as full a picture of how tools and services are used across the College and how eLearning services are best provided in the future. The discussion will broadly cover some of the key themes of the review, which are as follows:

1. To identify and document use cases based on your use of technology platforms/tools developed by LTS. 2. To determine the key features of the electronic platforms used to support your teaching and learning in your current programme of study, the criticality and frequency of their use, and any possible alternates/work-arounds. Explore in this, why a particular tool has been used to date. 3. To identify perceptions around service support and provision, good, bad or indifferent. 4. To identify shortcomings in the current electronic platforms that impact on the programme delivery and explore potential solutions to this. 5. To identify future curriculum/programme design that might impact on these electronic platforms and explore how these can be best supported across the full suite of available tools. 6. To identify any need for system development or bespoke tool modification

I have outlined a meeting schedule via the link below that will run from 28th April - 30th May 2014. Please could you select a time slot when you are free and book it (allowing 1-1.5 hours for the meeting). Please could you avoid Wednesdays as I will be mostly based at Easter Bush on those days. Also, if you feel that it would be better to meet together with someone else on this list, please feel free to find a suitable time for you both, book it and let me know who else will be involved in that meeting. P.S. Once you have selected a time slot from the link above, you will be taken to a summary screen with a button labelled Finish - the meeting slot will not be booked until you click on this button. You should not need to create an account with this website in order to book the meeting.


Many thanks Jo

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