At present, researchers who require to access NHS Data need to apply to the NHS and satisfy a wide ranging set of security questions. This process currently is repeated each time data is required, from scratch. If we could set out the process to makeit easy to follow, and also supply any generic templates for us, then a lot of effort, elapsed time and risk could be eliminated.



The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine would like to provide some default, template text documentation around IT provision for our research community to use when applying for research data.  This is to proactively answer questions which we know we may be asked to produce policy documents around IT elements such as IT security, training, storage and backup for instance.  Research data could come from a number of providers but this approach is to help try to answer the commonly asked components.  




1.       Work with College and University staff already undertaking Information Governance compliance work to pull together a standardised documentation set of commonly asked questions and policies to help define a standard approach for the College moving forward.
2.       Map the requirements for the Information Governance Toolkit submission to the documentation set available, highlighting gaps and where documentation could be seen as standard, or project specific.
3.       Develop a standard College IT documentation checklist for researchers which will allow future submissions to comply with the expected questions proactively.
4.       Obtain copies of each element of the documentation and store a copy for review, noting the originating location so that users can download the latest version when applying for data.


1.       Produce a clear researcher IT documentation check list which can be worked through by anyone applying for data.

2.       Produce a clear, standard documentation set for the College with a number of University policies and template text for researchers to follow. 



Adopting best practice around standard documentation sets will help reduce administration overheads and provide clarity to our research community on how to complete / provide information relating to the underpinning IT for each project.


Success Criteria


The College and wider community can clearly supply IT related policies for the most frequently asked questions expected from data providers,

Currently Out of scope : and where there isn’t a standard policy / answer, template text is provided to allow a researchers to work through a local submission.




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Template research administration documentation set
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