This project is to help understand the risks and agree the overall plan for the College with regards to the Undergraduate Virtual Learning environments we use.  Specifically, this project is to detail the work required to migrate services from the EEMeC and EEVeC platforms into centralised systems, and the specific detail and timescales for each.


This work will include the appropriate teaching organisations and IS teams to help understand the timescales for centralised system change which will meet the College needs, and also agreements around how we invest the College and LTW budget in proportionate change to existing systems, based on an agreed vision and timescales.  This includes close collaboration with the Students Systems team to understand which elements fall within the student administration systems, and aligning the roadmap for required College functionality and change to their roadmap, highlighting resourcing and risks as part of the project so work can be prioritised and pushed through the planning round(s).


A separate project will be developed and delivered to look at the opportunities and the approach we take in College around the Learn platform

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Undergraduate Virtual Learning Futures review
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
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Paul Clark
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Paul Clark
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