The original purpose of this project was to audit and better understand the makeup and charging model within the College for the EdLAN configuration.  From this audit, we would be in a position to rationalise our estate, provide transparency around the model in place, and then forward plan the most appropriate strategy based on the “as is” and “to be” infrastructure requirements.

For example, across CMVM, there are numerous allocations of IP subnets for business/school units within EdLAN. At the time of allocation, the UoE ITI division generally assigned an individual to be “responsible” as a point of contact for these allocations.

Head of College IT has asked that the CMVM Team Leads review the EdLAN allocations within CMVM with a view to understanding and consolidating, where appropriate, and to facilitate easier EdLAN associated management tasks (IP address management, allocation, billing, security etc.) within CMVM going forward.

In addition, there is a broad understanding of the IT infrastructure strategy for the main College campus areas. 

In BioQuarter, a draft documented IT infrastructure strategy has been developed for the Medicine programme board.  That work is to help develop into an agreed BioQuarter partners IT strategy with input from NHS Lothian, Scottish Enterprise and the Council.  The template for BioQuarter will then be used for the WGH IT strategy, and will ensure we cover other areas such as Hill Square and the Royal Edinburgh hospital.  In Easter Bush, the broad strategy is to utilise the new proposed ring road as a viable IT infrastructure route, alongside potential routes through the middle of the campus via the energy centre work.  The BioQuarter infrastructure template will then be used in Easter Bush. 

The detailed scope for this project will be agreed at the first project kick off meeting.


The aspiration is to provide an agreed, and signed off, College wide IT Infrastructure strategy which we can reference at the appropriate Programme board and each project board moving forward.


This project is to help agree and document the above.

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College campus IT Infrastructure Strategy
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