This project is to look at options to rollout the eduroam wireless solution to “non-University” spaces, including NHS locations and open spaces within the Vets School at Easter Bush. In the first instance, the priority was to help address the NSS scores on the undergraduate medicine degree and to rollout the eduroam wireless solution to the NHS Lothian, NHS Borders and other relevant NHS board areas.  Firmly sat in the ​Student Experience element, this work would enable students (and staff) who currently only have connectivity through the restrictive NHS networks, to access College and University systems such as Office 365 using eduroam.  Using their normal, there would be a consistent experience for staff and students as if they were on UoE buildings or campus areas.  Longer-term, this will also enable us to deliver a virtual desktop or apps as a service to our online userbase in NHS areas, providing a consistent student (and staff) experience. Phase 2 of this project is to engage with the Easter Bush campus and drive forward the business case for eduroam and DECT coverage in non-University buildings, ie, outside in Easter Bush as part of a wider programme of work and strategy for the campus. Phase 3 of the this project is to continue to look at prioritising NHS board areas for eduroam adoption, and investigate the options for a Scotland wide alternative, such as “SWAN Roam” as part of the Scottish Wide Area Network partnership.

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Innovation fund - Deployment of eduroam within NHS Lothian and Borders
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
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Paul Clark
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Paul Clark
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