Pilot to review the use of the Pure LiFi technology within the College.


Data and communication security is a major theme of the wider IT strategy for the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.  This will help demonstrate to our staff, students and partners such as the NHS that we are reviewing and adapting our business processes to take the security factors which underpin our business model seriously.  With the expanding use of mobile technologies, along with the significant change to utilising laptop, tablet and handheld devices within the business environment for daily use, part of this theme is to investigate newer and emerging technologies which could help deliver the type of security we need within the College to safeguard our main asset - data.


Engagement has started with a University of Edinburgh spin out company called pureLi-Fi Ltd, who provide high-speed and networked delivery of internet or network access via light, akin to Wi-Fi.  The innovative technology includes a number of built in technical and security enhancements over Wi-Fi which make this attractive for use with in the medicine and veterinary medicine sector, and could help revolutionise the way we collectively work across partner “boundaries”.


pureLi-Fi Ltd are the commercial spin out company from the University of Edinburgh regarding the pioneering technology which has been led by Professor Harald Hass , Chair of Mobile Communications within the School of Engineering.


pureLi-Fi Ltd have a beta program available to work closely with the company to understand and prove their technology roadmap.  The technology involved is currently in its early stages of commercialisation, and the associated kit for the 4 College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine campus areas; Easter Bush, Little France, Central area and the Western General Hospital has been bought.  This equipment has now been brought together to set up a Pure LiFi test space in Chancellors building.


We aim to set up a virtual team across these campus areas to investigate the technologies further use across the college, including liaison with the NHS and other strategic partners.


This will be a longer-term project of approximately 3+ years, and specifics for the beta program and project plan will be discussed and agreed as part of the phase 0 deliverables of the collaboration program with the company.

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Pure LiFi pilot
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