Completion Report

Project Summary:

This project had the following three main aims, with the overall outcome being to provide relevant information to the College, so that future funding and resource requirements can be known and decisions can be made based on these requirements.

  • Audit the current simulation manikins in use by the Medical School, highlighting their purchase prices, maintenance costs, suppliers and suggested replacement cycle.
  • Replace the current Simulated Patient database 
  • Ensure the EPPSAT database meets GDPR and that it can be supported and updated as required.



An audit of the current simulation equipment used within the Medical School was carried out and through a combination of this audit, previous purchase orders relating to the original Chancellor's Building Clinical Skills Centre refurbishment in 2012 and recent evaluations of assistive technology, a draft report has been written and provided to the Director of Clinical Teaching for approval.  As part of this report, replacement cycles for the different types of equipment have been suggested, along with potential annual costings.

The existing Simulated Patient database has been rewritten using PowerApps, which provides a University authenticated web based solution.  Due to extra requirements being added to the scope of the database, the new database is currently in a final testing phase and this will be handled as part of 'business as usual' work.

Following a discussion with the University's data protection officer, it was confirmed that the EPPSAT database meets GDPR.  The support model for this database is currently based on the MVM Learning and Teaching IT Lead being the first port of call and the BioQuarter campus IS team being a backup.  At present this is a sustainable solution, but the intention in the future is to re-evaluate the EPPSAT database and its support model.


Key Learning Points:

The current global circumstances relating to COVID-19 and racial injustice raised a number of issues for both the simulation technology audit and the two databases, so additional work was required within the project to cater for these unforeseen circumstances and highlighted the requirement to carefully look at all of the resources being provided in these areas (not just the IT requirements).

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