Closure Report

Project Summary:



This project carried out a review of the existing timetabling and room booking practices within Edinburgh Medical School and considered future options for support of these activities. The major reasons for carrying out the review at this point were

  • improved student timetabling experience elsewhere in the University, including access to personalised timetables in Office365 calendars
  • Lecture Capture scheduling will be required
  • no road map for the current bespoke room booking system



The review was set up to consider and report on future options for timetabling and room booking within Edinburgh Medical School. The scope of the review was to cover timetabling and room booking for the MBChB Programme, Oral Health and take into account the room booking needs of NHS. The options to be considered included 

  • Migration to the Central Timetabling and Room Booking System
  • Integration of Existing Bespoke Room Booking System with Central Timetabling and Room Booking System             
  • Continuation of Existing Approach to Timetabling and Room Booking  



No. Objective Must Have/Should Have/Could Have Delivered Yes/No Comments
O1 Document the business requirements for timetabling and room booking within Edinburgh Medical School  Must Have Yes

Final version presented to Project Board 25/1/18 can be found here

O2 Consider options for the provision of support in this area in the future and highlight key benefits and concerns associated with each option Must Have Yes See options considered against requirements in document linked to O1. Further detail can be found in the report linked below to D1.
O3 Recommend a suitable, sustainable solution for the future support of timetabling and room booking within the School and provide a high level plan showing the likely timescales for it's implementation Must Have Yes

See report linked to D1 below and also the papers for the final Project Board meeting on 25/1/18

Paper B Summary of Additional Work Undertaken

Paper D Summary of Decisions and Approvals Required








No. Deliverable Must Have/Should Have/Could Have Delivered Yes/No Comments
D1 A report detailing business requirements, options, benefits, constraints and a recommendation for the future provision of support for timetabling and room booking within Edinburgh Medical School  Must Have Yes Review Report can be accessed here


The recommendation has shown how aspirations for future timetabling and room booking support can be achieved, including personalised timetables and scheduling of lecture recording.


Success Criteria

The following criteria were identified to confirm whether the project was successful in meeting its objective:

  • Report detailing findings of review of timetabling and room booking with the School - Achieved - see link in deliverables above
  • Provision of sufficient information within this report to allow a decision to be taken on the future support that should be provided in this area - Achieved - The decisions made by the Project Board at the meeting on 25/1/18 can be found in the record of the meeting here


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 110 days

Staff Usage Actual: 110 days

Staff Usage Variance: 0%

Other Resource Estimate: £0

Other Resource Actual: £0

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance: n/a


Key Learning Points:



Major Issues

The initial engagement and analysis took longer than expected, partly due to difficulty in identifying all the Stakeholders who required to be engaged with. And as there are a significant number of different functions and locations which needed to be represented, this piece of work to understand existing processes and requirements took longer to complete.

Availability of stakeholders during key periods in the Academic Calendar and summer A/L period was an issue. The period from mid-May to August is challenging and this should be borne in mind when setting timescales for future projects.

Recommendations for Similar Projects

Be aware of the potential challenges around stakeholder engagement as noted above and take this into account when initiating any complex projects in the Medical School relating to Timetabling and Room Booking.

Outstanding issues:

None. The Project Board has approved the way forward and a new project will be set up to deliver the change.



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Edinburgh Medical School Review of Support for Timetabling and Room Booking
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Sheila Lodge
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