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Project Summary

The stated objective for this project were:



Objective met     

O1  The objective is to identify and where possible either resolve or make recommendations, that will enhance both the Zhejiang student engagement and the UoE ability to support them. Yes


In the project brief, the following deliverables were identified:





Review and appraise year 1 - lessons learnt



Deploy change in preparation for year 2


D3 Update and publish a new version of the IT handbook   Partial
D4 Review and implement changes - both technical and process - to reduce the level of manual work that has been instigated in year 1   Yes


Reference terms:-

The teaching staff within ZJE is made up of staff from ZJU, ZJE and Edinburgh. The students of ZJE are matriculated students of both ZJU and the University of Edinburgh (UoE), where they will eventually receive degrees from both Universities. ZJU also run the International Campus where ZJE is located.

The University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang University (ZJU) are working in partnership to create (complete) and develop a joint institute in China.  The joint institute will initially focus on the delivery of an Undergraduate programme of study from summer 2016, taught in English, on the new ZJU International campus in Haining, approximately 50 miles East of Hangzhou, where the main ZJU campus is based. This commenced on time and has entered year 2 (see the UoE link above).

The Institute will approximately be made up of 1/3 staff from Zhejiang University, 1/3 staff from the University of Edinburgh and 1/3 staff from the new Institute.

In summary; the project reviewed the delivery mechanism utilised at the commencement of the 2016-17 academic year to ensure the delivery of an automated “TNE” type flag in the student system for Zhejiang based students.  That enabled the project team to “learn from our experiences in year 1”, and help improve the automated approach, where possible, for the summer and the student intake for year 2. 

The objective and deliverables have all been achieved with the exception of D3. The document has been created and is available for the Project Team, indeed it has been shared with another University group exploring a transnational endeavour, and has now been picked up by the Biomedical new Programme Manager and IS MVM staff at Little France.

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 30 days

Staff Usage Actual: 33 days

Staff Usage Variance: 10%

Other Resource Estimate: £0

Other Resource Actual: £0

Other Resource Variance: 0%



The project introduced one PICCL for additional budget request of 10 days which was fully approved.

Explanation for variance


Key Learning Points

The Project was extended when IS identified that a previous solution was only temporary and that they had now identified a complete fix for teh 'TNE' flag. This was delivered in early May 2018.


Positive Learning Points:

The Project was run in a very light touch approach, especially once the local IT MVM team (particularly Gary Blackie) in Little France took ownership for the IT Handbook. They are ideally placed to do so, having been part of the initial visit to the site in China in 2016 alongside the establishment of a good working relationship with the Medical School staff working in ZJE.

IS staff (Hugh Brown and Chris McKay) took great responsibility for establishing a long term fix that would support future scenarios that might develop on the back of this transnational programme. Delivery delays were simply because the fix was bundled in with other work (Grouper) and they dictated the timeline. We were lucky in that our timeframe allowed for these delays to take place without any impact to our staff or the students.


Much of the early great work conducted by IS MVM staff and the Biomedical team followed the UoE engagement with ZJE and ZJU. One visit by our technical team identified some local issues with the openness of technology within China, alongside UoE issues with how to support students with access to material readily available to local students in the UK. ZJU and ZJE were quick to install tools and functions that assisted the local students and the UoE were able to qualify TNE student access to local functions and tools. However, this remains a fluid area and this engagement should be reviewed to ensure we have a clear and accurate picture of the local situation at ZJE from students, academic staff and IT technology support teams. Indeed, this has been confirmed, running outside of the need for a Project.

Outstanding Issues

At the point of closing this project, there remains one ongoing requirement, which the Project team are satisfied should continue outside of the need to retain a Project to track.

  • IS Support will need to continue to track ZJU issues and be particularly aware at the start of Year 3. This has been accepted by IS MVM (Gary Blackie).

The link below takes you to the MVM115 ZJU sharepoint which includes the IT Handbook.



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Technology to support TransNational Education (TNE)
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