This project will deploy a new application, Practique, to support assessment and feedback for MBChB following the successful procurement, MVM107. In parallel, MVM119 will oversee the import of exam content (question and feedback) from OSCA and OSCA+ as well as the generation of new content.

The activities in this project will include:

  • deployment of the selected application, Practique from FRY-IT - cloud based hosted on Amazon Web Servers
  • provision of training for MBChB users and IS support staff
  • configuration and setup of UoE platforms that will support running the exams
  • create two new environments; dev/test and production
  • support a training session for key MBChB staff on June 27
  • develop a pilot to enable MBChB students to assess Practique prior to exams
  • review the potential development of an api to APT or provide support for the current process to import csv files into APT
  • confirm status of exam scores
  • decommission OSCA and OSCA+
  • schedule Disaster Recovery test and a Business Continuity test
  • review key performance indicators - EG
  1. Can we evaluate the effectiveness of having domain feedback?
  2. What is the impact on the student experience?
  3. Does it take less time?
  4. What % increase of feedback now v previous?
  5. Can we measure the time spent looking at the feedback page?

The following activities will need to be covered across both MVM118 and MVM119, TBC whether they will be aligned to either one specifically:

  • Communications to all stakeholders - approach planned to have joint communications
  • Exam support - both projects delivering components, approach to consider it a shared outcome
  • Operating Level Agreement (OLA) - these will be drawn up across both but delivered singularly
  • Support MBChB change - not the technical elements surrounding the introduction of a new exam application, but the structural, process and people based change that will emerge
  • Set up a user group - they will work with FRY-IT to shape future releases, MBChB requirements and review all change

MVM107 was initiated on the back of a National Student Survey where the Medical School established that improving both the assessment and feedback was the number one priority. The student experience is greatly enhanced when feedback can be provided at the question or topic level. Currently this is difficult without compromising the question bank. Hence, a new online assessment application is required to introduce a faster and much improved student experience.

MVM119 will ensure that the content of the new application is fit for purpose and can support the Examiners, Year administrators, Students and Support staff. It will also work with the Project Sponsor to work through opportunities to form new ways of working that will enable the generation of new questions and feedback content are maintained going forward.

RFC C1705-140  raised


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June 2018 BLUE 90.0 days 117.0 days 0.0

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Deployment of FRY-IT Practique for MBChB
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
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Paul De'Ath
Project Sponsor
Sheila Fraser
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