Work/Task Breakdown

The work in progress project plan can be found here:


Phase 1 - elements that are proceeding before the contract is signed

FRY-IT, will deliver training

MBChB, will identify the existing data content via MVM119

FRY-IT and Project, confirm approach to cleansing data (EG removing duplicates etc via MVM119

Project, confirm status of data remaining and usage in OSCA and OSCA+


Phase 2 - elements that are delayed/paused/under review until the contract is signed

FRY-IT, will deliver an environment

FRY-IT, import cleansed data via MVM119

Project, will review and sign off

MBChB, will create new questions via MVM119

Project, confirm with MBChB and Student Systems on the approach for sharing exam data

Project, will signoff content ready for each of the first set of exams in 2017-18

Decommission OSCA and OSCA+


Resources, Skills and Costs

Resources from the following teams are required to deliver this project:

  • Project Services   -  Project Manager                                                                                         29 days
  • Project Services   -  Programme Manager                                                                               1 days

It is anticipated that no additional IS resources will be required, as LTW and MVM teams are central.

However, the APT/Euclid connection is currently manual and the project has adopted an 'as is' approach, if there is an opportunity to implement an API solution in the time scales, this may be executed via a change into the scope.

  • MVM - MBChB, have two key stakeholders (David and Jennifer) providing a conduit into approx. 70 academic staff who will be trained via MVM118 to use Practique - a number of those colleagues will be incorporated into MVM119 to ensure all the data made available within Practique is fit for purpose
  • LTW - Pat Fleury and Mark Findlay are key, with additional resources identified for additional training, which will run to approx. 10 again captured within MVM118
  • Student Systems - Chris Giles is engaged to ensure the right decision is made with regard to data entry into Euclid
  • IS Production and App Dev (Stefan and Mark) - Ana Heyn and Peter Jackson have been approached as they reviewed the requirement responses in MVM107 - currently we have no requirement - this does depend on EASE requirements which may yet emerge in scope - discussions on-going


  • Mainly covered by risks. See below. 
  • No additional IS requirements:-
    • Production supported by LTW rather than Stefan
    • App Dev 'style' work is currently under review by LTW and IS MVM who perform that function for OSCA and OSCA+ - the project will engage if this perspective changes


Project Governance

The project will follow the standard Information Services model.


Project Stakeholders

Project stakeholders can be found here:


Project Estimations

The project estimation log can be found here:


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Project Info

Deployment of FRY-IT Practique for MBChB
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
Management Office
Project Manager
Paul De'Ath
Project Sponsor
Sheila Fraser
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