This project will deliver the data to Practique, a new online assessment application for use by MBChB.

In a 2016 National Student Survey, the School established that improving both the assessment and feedback was the number one priority. The student experience is greatly enhanced when feedback can be provided at the question or topic level. Currently this is difficult without compromising the question bank. Hence, a new online assessment application is required to introduce a faster and much improved student experience. The procurement phase was managed by MVM107.

Following the UoE procurement process with an open tender, FRY-IT and their product Practique were the winning bid. It will be delivered as an offsite/cloud based offering.

This project has been initiated in parallel with MVM107 completing the contract negotiations and MVM118 which will deploy the new application.

Dependency risks:-


This project will oversee the import of content from OSCA and OSCA+ and the generation of new content into Practique to support assessment and feedback for MBChB that will be deployed in MVM118 following a successful procurement process in MVM107.

The activities in this project will include:

  • Export of existing data from existing application(s) and external source(s) or question bank(s)
  • Data cleansing (removing duplicates, editing, deleting unwanted)
  • Import cleansed data into Practique
  • Creation of new questions and feedback in Practique
  • Establish a process/plan for on-going update of content and continued creation of new content
  • Agree and create a new tagging/blueprint framework and implement - this allows MBChB to add information to questions and answers to improve the quality of information that can be gleaned post exam
  • Confirm the status of all MBChB data left in OSCA and OSCA+ at conclusion
  • Operating Level Agreement (OLA) for OSCA and OSCA+ to cover any data support required post deployment of Practique and prior to there decommission

The following activities will need to be covered across both MVM118 and MVM119, TBC whether they will be aligned to either one specifically:

  • Communications to all stakeholders - approach planned to have joint communications
  • Exam support - both projects delivering components, approach to consider it a shared outcome
  • Support MBChB change - not the technical elements surrounding the introduction of a new exam application, but the structural, process and people based change that will emerge
  • Set up a user group - they will work with FRY-IT to shape future releases, MBChB requirements and review all change

MVM119 will ensure that the content of the new application is fit for purpose and can support the Examiners, Year administrators, Students and Support staff. It will also work with the Project Sponsor to work through opportunities to form new ways of working that will enable the generation of new questions and feedback content are maintained going forward.

MVM118 will be initiated to run in parallel and covers the implementation, training and support of the new application.

Out of scope:-

  • No interfaces are required to student data or Euclid in this project (MVM119 only relates to date, MVM118 will execute the implementation and thus covers those functions)
  • There is currently no known requirement to involve any IS teams other than Project Services - all existing data identified by MBChB staff resides in OSCA and OSCA+ which is managed by LTW and they are part of the project. All new content will be created by MBChB staff straight into Practique, supported by FRY-IT
  • The production check list will be covered by MVM118 - unless there are elements of it which pertain to data cleansing that would be useful to consider
  • There are no plans to create  an RFC - https://www.wiki.ed.ac.uk/display/insite/Change+Management+process+flow+for+projects - given neither Apps Man nor Dev Tech are required for this project. If this is incorrect, please confirm what will be achieved?

Objectives / Deliverables


As part of the project, three exams are being scheduled throughout 2017 which the new system will support. This project will explicitly ensure the data content for those exams is prepared and ready.





O1  The objective is to ensure that the new online assessment application for the Medical School contains a question bank (with associated feedback), tagged according to a new Medical School defined hierarchy and adopts a new process to ensure that the data remains accurate moving forward.    


Identify all data hosted by OSCA and OSCA+ that is required for Practique




Extract all required data using FRY-IT templates


D3 Agree a process and then cleanse all the data before importing into Practique   S Project
D4 Support the MBChB creation of a new process to facilitate the creation of new questions   M


D5 Agree and implement a new tagging hierarchy   M Project
D6 Create appropriate OLA's - likely MVM and LTW   M Project



Improving assessment and feedback of the students is considered the number one priority for the Medical School. This will be achieved by the deployment (MVM118) of the application procured by this project. It is a strategic target to improve student satisfaction and it is believed that this tool will greatly enhance the student experience.


Success Criteria

Supporting the execution of a series of exams during 2017 with quality data.


Project Milestones

(as of Wednesday May 24, 2017)

Target Datesort descending Previous Date Title Stage Complete  
13-Apr-2017 No date available MVM107 dependency - procurement recommendation report approved Initiate Yes


14-Apr-2017 No date available IS WIS approval for initiation and ASTA submission Initiate Yes


19-May-2017 No date available End of Planning - Project brief approval Plan No


26-May-2017 05-May-2017 Dependency MVM107 contract with FRY-IT signed Plan No


02-Jun-2017 No date available OSCA and OSCA+ content identified Execute Yes


09-Jun-2017 No date available OSCA and OSCA+ content extract complete Execute No


30-Jun-2017 No date available Acceptance - Mock Exam content ready to run Execute No


31-Aug-2017 No date available Implementation - Confirm ready with data Deliver No


29-Sep-2017 No date available Delivery - Year 6 Formative Exam ready Execute No


30-Nov-2017 No date available Delivery - Year 5 Summative Exam ready Execute No


21-Dec-2017 No date available Recommendation report created Execute No


31-Jan-2018 No date available Closure Close No



Project Info

Data Creation and Migration into Practique for MBChB
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
Management Office
Project Manager
Paul De'Ath
Project Sponsor
Paul Clark
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