Biomedical Sciences (BMS) have an critical need for an application to support their academic workload allocation for Session 18/19. This work will start in January 2018. Currently, the process is manual and unsustainable.

MVM and BMS have been stakeholders to the CAHSS WAM Pilot project (HSS016 & HSS20). Their expectation was to use Simitive WAM when the CAHSS pilot would completed and the tool would be rolled out to other schools within CAHSS and to other Colleges. However, the CAHSS WAM pilot has been extended multiple times, with the current end date for the pilot being end of January 2017. Several schools in CAHSS who were not included in the pilot have also expressed a huge interest in being early adopters. The roll out process is not confirmed yet but it will have to be done in phase due to the level of configuration work needed for a school to use WAM. It is extremely likely that CAHSS schools will be given priority. Therefore, BMS will only get access to the WAM much later than required. The current setup in CAHSS is a CAHSS installation, not a central supported service. Therefore joining the CAHSS WAM can only be a short term pilot for BMS, not a long term solution.

A review of possible options for Deanery of Biological  Sciences to pilot Simitive WAM on their required time frame is needed. The review will look at several options including starting a MVM pilot of Simitive WAM, possibly leading to a separate installation, waiting to join the CAHSS WAM installation, or consolidating both pilots on one single installation. Procurement have already cleared the possibility of both having one single site license or three licenses, one for each College. However, there are implications for all Colleges depending on what model is chosen going forward, we will be working closely with CAHSS to understand the risks and  impacts of any given option, as there will be future considerations depending on what option we take.

Following the business case review sign-off, an implementation plan will be produced  in anticipation of a decision  from the CAHSS pilot

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WAM pilot for Biomedical Sciences - options review
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