Closure Report

Project Summary


The School of Biological Sciences are stakeholders in a pilot in CAHSS of a Workload Allocation Model (WAM) system provided by Simitive.

They  also want to pilot the use of  the system  as soon as possible to alleviate issues they are having with the current system administration of using various spreadsheets

This small project will look at the options for adopting the service including a short term tactical and  longer term strategic model.

After delivery of the business case it was agreed that IS Applications Project services would assist the Deanery of Biological sciences  in preparing an implementation plan so that when result of the CAHSS pilot is known the implementation can start as soon as possible


  • Use lessons learned form CAHSS pilot to date
  • Use CAHSS pilot system supplier Higher Education market experience to  provide  assurance of the viability of  the options
  • Pilot system supplier to include indicative costs
  • Outcome of the CAHSS pilot
  • Assistance with delivery of an implementation plan

Not in Scope

  • Integration with University of Edinburgh IT infrastructure
  • Use of IS Apps technical resources
  • Procurement review


Provide options and recommendations to  MVM stakeholders to allow them to choose a WAM system operating model

Provide an agreed implementation plan for sign-off by project sponsor and SMVM


Produced a business case detailing the options available to the University and recommended approach - Achieved

Produce an implementation plan including costs and Deanery resource requirements - Moved to  project CAHSS WAM Deploymnet HSS022


A considered view of the options will prevent short term decisions negatively impacting a delivery of a longer term strategy, thereby reducing future implementation and  operating  costs 

Success Criteria

An agreed approach to delivering the WAM system  in MVM

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 6 days

Staff Usage Actual: 12 days

Staff Usage Variance:  100%

Explanation for variance

The option preferred by MVM at the Options Review Meeting on 9 Jan 2018 is  the Service Consolidation model (i.e. join the CAHSS pilot). This option can only be confirmed once the HSS020 project Board agreed to go ahead. The HSS020 project Board meeting was after the end of this project. Therefore a decision as made to extend this project to wait for the confirmation of the WAM rollout by CAHSS first, with a view to then join the deployment of WAM managed by CHASS. This option is also supported by Fraser Muir.  

The proposition is for the project to be extended to 7 Mar 2018. The time will be spent on background preparations to join the WAM deployment project. This will require PM time to liaise with the PM for HSS020 and the business to identify data and allocation model. In the unlikely case that the deployment wouldn't be approved by the HSS020 Board, the background work on data and model will be used to set up a separate instance of WAM.


Produced a business case detailing the options available to the University and made recommendations on how to proceed.

The project was extended to support selection of the preferred implementation options and prepare for implementation.

The implementation plan including costs and Deanery resource requirements  is transferred to the project CAHSS WAM Deploymnet HSS022.

Key Learning Points

Anticipated short sharp piece of work which took significantly longer to achieve than had been originally planned. 

CAHSS Simitive evaluation is not complete yet, delayed by industrial action and some schools data challenges.  That has not stopped other schools from opting-in to use the tool whaich had been agreed by the CAHSS WAM Board.

By moving into the CAHSS deployment plan there is a very low risk that CAHSS decide not to continue their schools roll-out.  The contingency for this  is to  start a separate project delivering on an MVM Simitive instance.

MVM readiness in terms of resource allocation and availability of school policies and data to build the system was not as far advanced as expected and this would mean moving the implementation to a later date than was originally desired.


Outstanding Issues

MVM College agreement to funding the deployment has not been received and there is an issue that the project and the deployment it is not approved.  This issue been factored into the plan for  CAHSS WAM Deploymnet HSS022.



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WAM pilot for Biomedical Sciences - options review
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
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Geoff Cropley
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Sheila Lodge
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