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This project followed on from the earlier MVM114 Edinburgh Medical School Review of Support for Timetabling and Room Booking to take forward the decisions made there, namely 

  • To further explore migration to central timetabling and room booking services for the Medical School, with the intention of migrating to this service for the start of the 2019/20 academic year

  • Approval for the Project Team to investigate how engagement with the Service Excellence Programme might support the review of timetabling and room booking processes which will be undertaken as part of the migration. 

  • Approval for work to start on the development of a communication framework for the forthcoming migration project.



This project was initiated with a view to implementing central timetabling and room booking solutions which were aligned with the standard processes and resource model being progressed by the Service Excellence Programme.

Included in the scope​ were

  • Timetabling for both UG and PG including Student, Staff and Room Allocation for teaching purposes

  • Ad-hoc room booking

  • All areas in the 3 Deaneries of the Edinburgh Medical School which are not yet migrated to central solutions​. 

  • The Medical Teaching Organisation (MTO) which has responsibility for the MBChB Medical Degree Programme

  • NHS 

And specifically agreed as out of scope​ were

  • Biomedical Teaching Organisation (BMTO) and the Deanery of Biomedical Sciences as they are already using the central timetabling and room booking systems

  • Any review of timetables

  • Any modelling ​exercises

  • Decommissioning of the existing bespoke MVM Room Booking System

At the first Project Board meeting on 26/3/18, approval was given to proceed with the project and issue Project Brief for Project Board sign off​ on the basis of this scope.

However, as the work around alignment with the Service Excellence work for standardisation of timetabling across the University was planned, there were discussions between the Lecture Capture and Service Excellence Programmes about how best to progress. This led to the agreement that work being carried out under MVM128 as part of the Lecture Capture Programme would be transferred to the Service Excellence Programme resulting in a change of scope for the project. Details of this can be found in the paper presented at the meeting paper_b_edinburgh_medical_school_migration_to_central_timetabling_and_service_excellence.docx



The objectives of the College remain

  • Offer staff/students the benefits of the timetabling linked services: Personalised timetables, scheduled lecture recording, modelling capabilities 

  • Bring consistency of the user experience by aligning with the objectives and goals of Service Excellence

  • Reduce the workload placed on administration staff within MVM College and NHS, allowing them to pick up other activities

  • Provide services that are centrally maintained and supported by Information Services (IS) with a roadmap for the future and therefore aligned with Digital Transformation

However, these will now be delivered by the SAS013 and SAS014 in the SA&S Programme and the objective for MVM128 changed to collation of the work to date and move from Lecture Capture Programme to the Student Administration and Services Programme as agreed by the Project Board.



The change to scope and agreement to hand over to the Service Excellence Programme meant that the deliverables​ for MVM128 also changed. It was agreed at the Project Board on Monday 25th June that the project would deliver the following before closure, with the remaining deliverables being taken on for delivery by the SAS Programme which is part of the overall Service Excellence Programme.

No. Deliverable Must Have/Should Have/Could Have Delivered Yes/No Comments
D1 Report detailing Medical School timetabling and room booking requirements and gaps identified by MVM114, Edinburgh Medical School Review of Support for Timetabling and Room Booking

Must Have

D2 Report summarising the findings from the initial workshops to map Service Excellence timetabling process against known Medical School Requirements Must Have Yes  
D3 Existing Stakeholder List Must Have Yes  



The following benefits will now be delivered by the SA&S Programme

  • Students have access to personalised timetables for all years​ with external location information to be included where possible and to a granularity that is practical to maintain

  • Staff have access to personalised timetables

  • One system for all room bookings managed using same processes and rules (unless exceptions agreed)

  • Scheduling of Lecture Recording

  • Reduced admin workload relating to timetabling and room booking



Success Criteria

The criteria for this project became the successful handover to the SA&S programme with the following checks for success passed to SA&S

  • All timetables on central systems and accessible by students, staff and NHS colleagues as appropriate
  • All ad-hoc room bookings managed through central systems



Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 23 days

Staff Usage Actual: 23 days

Staff Usage Variance: 0%

Other Resource Estimate: £0

Other Resource Actual: £0

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance: At initiation, it was expected that this would be a large project. However, this changed with the transfer of the work to Service Excellence.


Key Learning Points:


This decision to move the work for the Medical School, MBChB and NHS in relation to timetabling and room booking to the SA&S Programme ensures alignment with the rest of the University and therefore the ability to provide the same benefits to students as are possible elsewhere in the University.

Major Issues


Recommendations for Similar Projects


Outstanding issues:

None. The Project Board has approved the way forward. The original objectives and deliverables of MVM128 will now be progressed under the SA&S programme in projects SAS013 and SAS014. Further information is available in the minutes from the Project Board meeting held on 25/6/18 project_board_2018-6-25_notes.docx 








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