Work/Task Breakdown

The work in progress high level project plan is as follows:


Phase 1 - steps to deliver the Live OSCE exams

FRY-IT, will deliver training to the core project team - date scheduled, venue booked, team invited

The Project team and Fry-IT will create a detailed implementation plan - key activities identified (see milestones) and shared already

MBChB, will identify the existing data content that they wish to migrate

Project team and MBChB will identify who will deliver new content and by when - it will be assessed via BAU MBChB processes but via Practique (as with the written exams) - we may identify opportunities to streamline processes

Project confirms all data requirements have been met

Project to create the mobile device configuration for iPads

Project team create and deliver training to assessment team and examiners

Project team resolve local wifi issue at the Western General IGMM

Run pilot - feedback loop into Project team, MBChB and Fry-IT

Run trial - feedback loop into Project team, MBChB and Fry-IT

Project team create exam day support packs/tip sheets where appropriate

Support OSCE exams

Project team deliver an agreed decommission plan for scanners, plus there support and contract

Prepare to close - link with phase 2 and close

Phase 2 - steps to support the use of the Practique written exams (which will frequently run in parallel with phase 1)

Project team support all written exam preparation, execution and candidate feedback

Project team manage Practique releases

Project team manage Practique User Group attendance

Support engagement activity for Medical School interest in the use of Practique by MBChB

Project team to run workshops to develop a planning strategy for the use of Practique over the next 3 years

Prepare to close - link with phase 1 and close


Resources, Skills and Costs

Resources from the following teams are required to deliver this project:

  • Project Services   -  Project Manager                                                                                         59 days
  • Project Services   -  Portfolio Manager                                                                                     3 days

It is anticipated that no additional IS resources will be required, however MVM and MBChB assessment teams will be required.

  • MVM - MBChB, have five key stakeholders (David, Alan J, Alan G, Mark H and Jennifer) providing a conduit into approx. 70 academic and administrative staff + MVM support team


  • Mainly covered by risks.
  • No additional IS requirements:-
    • Production supported by MBChB assessment team and Fry-IT rather than Production Management
    • App Dev 'style' work is provided by Fry-IT
  • Migrate the 'as is' MBChB approach to the creation and running of OSCE's
    • Take opportunities to improve business process as our understanding of the system increases


Project Governance

The project will follow the standard Information Services model.


Project Stakeholders

Project stakeholders can be found here:

As of July 13, 2018:-

Name Business Area Role
Alan Gilchrist MVM MVM IT Lead (Project Team)
Alan Jaap MVM MBChB Business Lead (Project Team)
Catherine Elliott MVM Programme Owner
Constant McColl Supplier - Fry-IT Supplier Contract Manager (Project Team)
David Kluth MVM MBChB Project Sponsor (Project Team)
Jennifer Hill MVM MBChB Senior User (Project Team)
Jennifer Patterson Procurement Procurement Contact for contract extension change request
Joanne MacConnell Legal Services Solicitor
Muriel Mewissen IS Portfolio Manager
Nicola Crowley MVM MBChB Assessment Team Manager
Paul De'Ath IS Project Manager (Project Team)
Sheila Fraser MVM MVM IS Programme Manager
Trisha Higginson Supplier - Fry-IT Supplier Relationship Manager (Project Team)
Will Garnett Supplier - Fry-IT Supplier Trainer (Project Team)


Project Estimations


Project Info

Support for OSCEs in Practique for MBChB
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
Management Office
Project Manager
Paul De'Ath
Project Sponsor
David Kluth
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