August 2019

Report Date
August 2019

Achievements this period

  • The Vet School installations have been completed and commissioning of the lecture recording in room 1.27 is due to take place on the 4th September.  A request for comments regarding the initial camera feed for room G.45 has been sent to the Vet School to see if it is providing a suitable solution or if we need to look at something else.
  • The AV contractors started working in the Western General Medical Education Centre on 12th August and had the 3 seminar rooms ready for use by the 26th August which was the proposed start date for teaching in the space.  Following discussions with the year coordinator staff, due to the main contractor still being on site and working in the vicinity of the seminar rooms, it was agreed that teaching for the week of the 26th August would use the alternate rooms that had previously been organised as a backup measure.  This gave the building contractor an extra week on the seminar room side of the building and teaching sessions will begin using the seminar rooms on Monday 2nd September.


  • 2 of the screens in Vet School room G.45 have had to be temporarily removed, as there was concern about the walls.  Estates have reinforced the walls and we are now waiting for the panels to be painted.   As soon as this is done we will arrange for the AV contractor to reinstall the screens.
  • Many of the network cable runs to the library side of the Western General Medical Education Centre are in excess of 90m and therefore an alternative solution for these rooms has had to be found.  This has required the main contractor to build a new space to install a second comms rack on that side of the building.  It has therefore delayed the commissioning of all University network ports on that side of the building.
  • The incorrect RJ45 ports installed in the Chancellor's Building rooms are due to be changed over by engie on the evenings of the 18th and 19th September, which has delayed the completion of the simulation rooms (although they are in a working state and have been used numerous time for teaching).

Next Steps

  • Design solutions for the installation of the air canisters and the nurse/emergency call system for the Western General Medical Education Centre.
  • AV contractors to complete the remaining installations in the Western General Medical Education Centre.
  • Reinstall screens in Vet School G.45 once panels are painted and commission lecture recording in 1.27.
  • RJ45 ports to be replaced in Chancellor's Building and then AV contractor to return to complete installations.
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Due to the completion of the Western General Medical Education Centre seminar rooms, this project has been changed back to GREEN overall. Time has been set to amber, as we are behind schedule o a few of the spaces, however this does not stop the rooms from being usable.
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Upgrading of teaching spaces 2018/19
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
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Alan Gilchrist
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Sheila Fraser
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