Work/Task Breakdown

Gap analysis between current processes and Practique Who is involved
Exam Fit analysis session for Admissions Completed
Exam Fit report for Admissions Fry (Supplier)
Exam Fit analysis session for Vets Completed
Exam Fit report for Vets Fry (Supplier)
Exam Fit analysis session for BMTO Completed
Exam Fit report for BMTO Fry (Supplier)
 Implement new instances  
Delivery of Admissions Instance Fry (Supplier)
Delivery of Vets/BMTO Instance

Fry (Supplier)

Training Day each for Admissions, Vets and BMTO Required: School staff/Fry (Supplier); TBC: Project Manager/IT lead
Creation of content for Admissions, Vets and BMTO in Practique School staff/Fry (Supplier)
SSO to be implemented for new instances (as per current) Project Manager/ITI/IT Lead
Pilot for Admissions School staff/Fry (Supplier)
Pilot for Vets  School staff/Fry (Supplier)
Support calls with supplier for Admissions, Vets and BMTO following respective training days to go Live School staff/Fry (Supplier)
Build of ipads for Admissions and Vets IT Lead/Vets Computing support
Delivery using Practique  
Admissions Assessment Days for MBChB School staff/Fry (Supplier)/IT Lead
OSCEs for Vets School staff/Fry (Supplier)/IT Lead
Written Exams for BMTO School staff/Fry (Supplier)/IT Lead


Resources, Skills and Costs

Funding for PM time is coming from Core Funded Ring-Fenced days. The College is responsible for supplier costs.

College resources

Each of the participating areas in the College have completed an Exam Fit session with the Supplier and have agreed and already scheduled the key dates to ensure resources are available. In agreeing the timeline, all schools agreed that they would be able to accommodate the work required in the work breakdown outlined above.

IT staff - IT lead and the Vets computing staff will be key in ensuring that ipads being used will be available and correctly configured


Project Services resources

The Project Management required now that the plan has been established will be to deal with any issues which arise and to continue the relationship with the supplier


The supplier has scheduled and agreed to the key dates. The roles which the project directly interacts with are the Supplier's UoE account manager, the implementation lead and the technical expert enabling SSO


Project Governance

This project will follow the standard project governance in Project Services.

Any changes to major milestones (Initiation, Planning, Delivery, Closure) will be approved by the Project Sponsor, Project Team and WIS.

Major milestones achievements and changes will be submitted to WIS for approval/noting as necessary.


Project Stakeholders

Name Business Area Role
Alan Gilchrist ISG MVM Learning and Teaching IT Lead
Assessors and administrative staff in schools MVM Exam creators, assessors, administrators supporting leads
Eoghan Clarkson MVM Vets Computing support
Hannah Pietruszewska Fry (software supplier) Supplier Implementation lead
Ilaria Marchi MVM MBChB Admissions Business Lead
ITI Enterprise team ISG Single sign-on with supplier
Jen Hill MBChB Current lead user of Practique
Lindsay Dalziel MVM Vets Business Lead
Lorna Marson MVM Project Sponsor and Admissions Senior User
Philip Larkman MVM BMTO Sernior User
Sheila Fraser ISG Head of IT, MVM
Students in participating schools MVM Not direct users of Practique but will be impacted by change of eg feedback format
Susan Rhind CMVM Vets Senior User
Susan Ridder-Patrick ISG Project and Programme Manager
Tina Harvey MVM BMTO Business Lead
Trisha Higginson Fry (software supplier) Account manager


Project Estimations



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Project Info

Practique Roll-Out
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
Management Office
Project Manager
Susan Ridder-Patrick
Project Sponsor
Susan Rhind
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority