Closure Report


Project Summary

This project aimed to allow CMVM to move from traditional clinical exams to continuous workplace assessments following the changes required in response to COVID 19 pandemic.  The project had to delivered within 5 weeks so that it could be shared with MBChB 5th years who were due to return on 27th July 2020.  Without this project there would have been no effective means of assessing students as part of their course and thus be able to prove to our external bodies that our students are competent.

The original deliverables were:

  • Creation of templates within Pebblepad
  • Creation of processes / instructions for students
  • Creation of processes / instructions for staff
  • Creation of processes / instructions for assessors
  • Set up Students on the system
  • Set Up Staff on the system
  • Set Up Assessors on the system
  • Communication of processes

This project delivered a core element of the student assessment and will therefore continue to be used / enhanced in future years.

Pebblepad undertook the majority of the BA activity as they saw this as an opportunity to further develop and market this functionality within their solution.  Paul Duvall from PebblePad offered to work essentially as consultancy for building up content and setting up workflows for both Vets & Medics to set this up quickly, on the basis of the solution he developed for Norwich being the most suitable for us. This ended up removing the need for the Business Analyst that was originally identified.

The proposed solution was deemed appropriate for the Medical School and the Vet School.  It was confirmed that Dentistry did not require the solution.

Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 20 days

Staff Usage Actual: 2 days

Other Resource Estimate: N/A

Other Resource Actual: N/A

Other Resource Variance: N/A

Explanation for Variance

At the outset of the project, there was thought to be more Business Analyst time required from IS Applications but following the initial scoping meetings it became clear that the analysis would be completed by Pebblepad.  The Project Management resource was supplied by the Service Excellence Programme and by the time of this project SEP had stopped using Asta to record time.

Pebblepad completed the work to develop the templates at no additional cost as it was to their benefit to trial support model.  MBChB/Vets required to invest significantly more effort than originally expected.


The main focus of the project, to develop and deliver workbook templates to students, was delivered within the tight timescale required.  The workbooks were well received by the students.

The project was unable to be closed within the original timescale due to three areas which mainly affected MBChB; there was a significant amount of effort required by  MBChB to support assessors who were having problems as they were NHS staff who were only able to contact the Helpline out of hours; the reporting provided by the Pebblepad application was an extremely large data dump and not designed to be easily interrogated by MBChB; any changes made by students were not able to be highlighted to assessors who had to review every section to identify what had been updated.

The ITIL team supported the project through their work to help with getting NHS staff access to services, which included Pebblepad.

Lessons Learned

When the project started it had to deliver quickly and as the supplier was able to resource the analysis and the University didn't have Business Analyst capacity in the timescales, it was the right decision to proceed with the supplier completing the analysis. However, this has meant that the analysis was what the supplier would need for their product rather than purely what the University requirements were. Given the supplier did not deliver all the functionality expected, the longer-term/system agnostic business analysis will still be required by the University.

Outstanding Issues

Pebblepad plan to build the spreadsheet functionality into their main app.

Pebblepad plan to include functionality in the main app to highlight students' updates to Assessors.


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