Each year the College replaces the AV facilities in a number of teaching spaces across its estate.  We are trying to move to a 5 year replacement cycle, however this is dependant on available funding.  Due to the effects of COVID-19, unless told otherwise, the project will look to ensure all rooms added this year will be capable of running online teaching sessions.  For financial year 2022/23 the replacements are below.



Easter Bush:

  • Move presentation equipment and add additional power and network for room 1.21 Clinical Skills.
  • F Block Tutorial Rooms 2 and 3.
  • Visualiser for Large Animal Clinical Skills in F Block.
  • Replacement screens for pathology viewing area.
  • Costs associated with electrical and network work from last years AV upgrade projects.
  • Recoding of control panels in G.01, G.02, G.02A, G.03, G.03A, LT1 and LT2.
  • Estates costs for replacing room information screens.
  • Request for streaming/recording from one of the surgical theatres (possibly).
  • Second microphone for Vet School Teaching Lab 2.
  • Request for new cameras for Langhill Farm (possibly).



  • Removal of AV equipment and furniture from Chancellor's Building Elsie Inglis lab due to it being changed into office space.
  • Removal of AV equipment from Chancellor's Building seminar room 1 due to it being changed into office space.
  • Minor fabric work for FU305.
  • Estates costs to allow Chancellor's Building lecture theatres to be upgraded with last year's equipment.
  • Estates costs associated with the room booking screen changes we made last year (bill from Equans came 6-8 weeks after work was completed).
  • F3403 in RIE.
  • SU209 replacement camera.
  • Replacement touchscreen styluses for all rooms in Chancellor's Building.
  • Simman Essential license upgrade.
  • VR software trial for simulation evaluation.
  • New exam separator boards for microlabs 1 and 2


Central Area:

  • Anatomy Lab.
  • Dermatology Consulting Room E (4 103).
  • New Dermatology hub at Lauriston (possibly).
  • 3 x Mackenzie Medical Practice rooms.
  • Greenfield Suite exam separator boards for main lab and small lab.


Wetern General - Rooms TBC


Objectives and Deliverables

To install the equipment purchased for last years teaching spaces priority list.

To replace the AV installations in the above rooms within a timely manor and with the least amount of inconvenience to the users.


Success Criteria

All rooms and equipment are upgraded and paid for within the financial year.

Project Info

Upgrading of teaching spaces 2022/23
MVM Learning and Teaching (MVMLAT)
Management Office
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Alan Gilchrist
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Alan Gilchrist
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In Progress
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