Completion Report

Project timescales, cost and deadlines

The project originates from Aug ’16. It didn’t start until the College IT Strategy was drafted (from late ’17). Thereafter, the project was delayed, due to Research governance issues and disruption to project management. Thus, the project’s was extended by 12 months, elapsed over 2 years.

There are no direct costs associated with the delivery of this project. It was agreed at the outset, by the CMVM Head of IT and Research Computing Programme Manager, that CMVM IS would provide relevant IS resource at no additional cost. This was due to CMVM IS staff’s existing experience with Compute and High-Performance Compute within the College and this being cost neutral when compared to the alternative of hiring an ISG project manager.

There was no initial or indeed revised deadline, as the primary objective and deliverables were a first for CMVM. However, it was recognised during late ’19 that as the elapsed time for the project was significantly protracted, a swift completion was required to aid the CMVM Research community.



All objectives, as defined in the project brief have been achieved:

  • Incorporate input from CMVM researchers on compute and HPC needs
  • Creation of a CMVM HPC strategy
  • Acceptance testing of CMVM HPC strategy
  • Endorsement of CMVM HPC strategy by CMVM IT Portfolio level sign-off


As a result, a strategy document has been created and approved, with supporting processes and resources helping CMVM to adopt standard compute and HPC services as the project deliverables.


Deliverables and outcomes

The following have been created:

  • Standard CMVM Compute and HPC approach, aligned where relevant with UoE HPC platform
  • The creation of a compute and HPC strategy:
      • defining a standard approach for adoption across CMVM
      • simplify and ease access to services for researchers
      • improve consistency of compute related support for researchers across CMVM
      • lowering cost of ownership for CMVM
  • Acceptance testing for strategy, through early adopters


Success criteria

Two CMVM Research Institutes (IGMM and Roslin) adopted early versions of the strategy, through partnering with UoE ISG Research Services (ECDF) to use HPC services at scale, benefiting from:

  • 60% and 100% (respective Institutes) increase in return (HPC capacity) for initial investment
  • Monthly HPC partnership service reviews
  • Members of CMVM IS team embedded (1 day p/w) in ECDF
  • directly supporting and influencing Institute HPC partnerships
  • members benefit from specialist training with ECDF colleagues
  • Adoption of a standard approach for Compute and HPC requirements
  • Increased access to specialist and expert Compute and HPC knowledge and support
  • Access to preferential HPC rates, through ECDF and UoE negotiated procurement frameworks


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 10 days

Staff Usage Actual: 15 days

Staff Usage Variance: 50%

Other Resource Estimate: 2 days

Other Resource Actual: 2 days

Other Resource Variance: 0%

Explanation for variance:

Various delays through project. Additional survey conducted and extra time required to develop this, conduct appropriate GDPR due dilligence, collate feedback and incorporate into project engagement with stakeholders.


Executive summary

Whilst the project was delayed and overran it has delivered on all objectives. The primary objective of the creation of a strategy has been achieved. The strategy document will be reviewed by the CMVM Research Computing Group on a 1-2 year interval, to ensure it remains both current and effective.

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Paul McGuire
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