Goal summary

The initial high level goal of the project was to investigate data management plan best practices. Since the project proposal, various developments have occurred within the University of Edinburgh, such that much of the work considered in scope has now been completed.


Current data management related resources

The Universities Digital Curation Centre (DCC) provides access to a data management planing tool called “DMPOnline” (Data Management Plans Online). There is useful and relevant FAQ style guidance on their web site and for specific research needs there are a number of research grant funding bodies data management templates to help researches get started.


Clicking on this link will take you to the DCC's web site and guidance on DMP's:



Then expand the question “Is there a set format / template to follow?” and you will see the available templates from relevant grant funders. Help is also available from the DCC, should there be any specific questions.


More recently the Research Data Service section has been formed to pull research data support together in a more cohesive approach for University researchers. So you can also get some access to “themed” approaches here:



With more information on DMP's provided on the above site, there is also some links to sample DMP's that researches have created to help others. This is all under the Research Data Service (RDS) and Research Data Management (RDM) teams/sections. These teams will be more than happy to help you with guidance on getting going and help to progress your submission. 


For MVM researcher's requiring "Data" related support, an e-mail can be sent to :



With a relevant request for help. This creates a Helpline call that is sent to the relevant RDS/RDM team to process.


Current project status

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Data management plans
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