Work/Task Breakdown


Task Work
Create Personas Project Manager/ IS Apps Development
Create User stories  Project Manager/ IS Apps Development / Project Sponsor
Create DPIA  Project Manager/ Project Sponsor
Sign off DPIA  Project Sponsor/ Service Management
IS Apps Lead to create prioritised backlog, release plan, Bamboo and Jira configuration  IS Apps Development 
Dev Tech to set up environments  Development Technology
Create wireframes to construct the UI LTW
Develop all aspects of the UI for the website using frontend HTML/CSS/Django LTW
Develop all aspects of the backend of the website, including security, logic , permissions etc.  IS Apps Development
Perform User Acceptance Testing to confirm development delivered meets the conditions of satisfaction Project Sponsor 

Create Service Line Agreement (SLA) 

Project Manager/ Production Management

Sign off SLA 

Project Sponsor
Production Management confirm readiness to begin maintenance support  Production Management 

Promote development to live environment 

IS Apps Development
Lessons learned session Project team
Closure report Project Manager 


Resources, Skills and Costs

IS Applications
  • Project Manager
  • Programme Manager
  • Senior Supplier
  • IS Apps Development 
  • Development Technology
  • Production Management 
Website and Communications
  • LTW  
Service Management
  • Stakeholder - sign off DPIA 


Team Days (rounded up to nearest 0.5 day)
Project Services (PM) 9
Development Technology 5
IS Apps Development 54
Support  3
LTW (to be billed separately to Project Sponsor) 20
Production Management 4
Estimate Total (95% confidence) 95 Days
Total Estimate for project including contingency 100 Days (80 days total for IS Apps and 20 additional days for LTW)

IS Apps and LTW resources will be charged separately to the Project Sponsor. However, the expectation is to include LTW work effort in project reporting to understand the financial status of the whole project. 


Project Governance

Project progress will be reported in line with IS Applications monthly reporting process.

Meetings and workshops will be scheduled with the project team members but these will only be used if required.


Project Stakeholders

Aileen Robertson Website and Communications - Learning, Teaching and Web (LTW) LTW Development Lead
Alex Carter IS Service Management Head of Service Management, Project Stakeholder
Alister Webb Development Technology Database and System Administrator (Project Team Member)
Ana Heyn IS Production Management Production Lead (Project Team Member)
Andrew Stanfield Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences Senior Clinical Research Fellow
Anthony Davie Operational Services Programme Manager
Arthur Wilson Website and Communications - Learning, Teaching and Web (LTW) LTW Tech Support (Project Team Member)
Bill Lee IS Development Services Senior Supplier (Project Team Member)
David Perry Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine Programme Manager
Gavin Pennycook IS Apps Development IS Apps Developer (Project Team Member)
Joanne Gordon Website and Communications - Learning, Teaching and Web (LTW) LTW Developer (Project Team Member)
John Allison IS Apps Development IS Apps Development Lead (Project Team Member)
Mark Lang IS Applications Development Technology Development Technology Lead / Stakeholder
Muriel Mewissen IS Project Services Portfolio Manager
Paul McGuire College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine Programme Owner
Rena Gertz Governance and Strategic Planning Data Protection Officer, Project Stakeholder
Sheila Fraser USD Directors Office Head of IT and Portfolio Manager
Sonya Campbell Research Fellow in Clinical Psychology, Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences Project Sponsor


Project Estimations

(Please attach/link from Estimation Log) 

Project Info

Fragile X Registry website
MVM Research (MVMRES)
Management Office
Project Manager
Kevin Hone
Project Sponsor
Sonya Campbell
Current Stage
Project Classification
Start Date
Planning Date
Delivery Date
Close Date
Overall Priority