The project has been created to support a requirement to develop an MVM intranet based on a SharePoint delivery. During planning it has evolved to review both existing user requirements and processes, content as well as the look and feel functionality of a new site. A new administrative function will need to be developed to enable MVM to manage the new site, this is one of the central requirements for the project. Historically, MVM have utilised a number of different technologies to share information internally. Aligned with a lack of process to manage the content, the general theme is that when searching you obtain results from a number of locations with no guarantee that it remains accurate. As part of this delivery, we will also be exploring how we reduce (possible decommission) of existing sites, but certainly the content.

At all times we will be seeking to implement UoE best practise and will remain engaged with the many transformative programmes to try and ensure that.


Deploy an MVM SharePoint site to act as an intranet.

However the method of how the Project team are utilised by MVM remains the core of this project.

Therefore, the scope will enable MVM to utilise the Project team to achieve the following deliverables and decide at the point when they have enough expertise to take ownership of the platform.

Objectives and Deliverables

The deliverables are prioritised using the MoSCoW prioritisation method:

M=Must Have; S=Should Have; C=Could Have; W=Want

  • M= has to be satisfied for the final solution to be acceptable in terms of delivery dates, compliance, viability etc.
  • S= high-priority requirement that should be included if possible -workarounds may be available
  • C= a nice-to-have requirement
  • W= want but will not be part of this project




O1  Deliver a SharePoint (intranet) site across MVM    


Create a working group from across MVM to support and help implement




Agree requirements of the most important content that is required at day 1    


 Project and MVM 
D3 Ensure management and support of the site is agreed and in place   M  Project and MVM 
D4 Create a steering/governance group to provide over sight to the project deliverables    M

 project and MVM 

D5 Deliver a methodology for managing new processes/content to be added to the site whilst ensuring existing remains active/live/current   M  Project and MVM 
D6 Agree and deliver a clear set of managed permissions - view, edit, review, approve etc      M  Project and MVM 
D7 Create a shared taxonomy for hosting content to enable a clear use of the search function   M  Project and MVM 
D8 Produce a strategy/roadmap for on-going site development   M  Project and MVM 
O2  MVM become self sufficient      
D9 Create a post project administrative function to promote and maintain the site   M  Project and MVM 
D10 Provide training and support documentation for the new administrative function   M  Project
D11 Deliver framework for MVM to implement their content migration activities   M  Project
D12 Agree a support model which cuts through the whole service provision   M  Project
O3  Ensure compliance with Service Excellence and Digital Transformation    
D13  Deliver a process to the working group that ensures where appropriate Service Excellence have an input/output into decisions made around core content, particularly HR    M  Project and MVM 
D14 Ensure alignment with SharePoint document management   M  Project and MVM 



  • Ability to integrate University content repositories more easily and in a standardised way. This will provide flexibility in creating common content and enabling best practise to be centralised within MVM.
  • Present a single easy to use site for all MVM staff.
  • Reduce duplication, advance use of best of breed across MVM - EG almost like Golden Source!

Potential benefits, pending on how the project is shaped:

  • Refine search results to only the most relevant information and answers, highlighting content to customers they might not have considered before, while simplifying the overall search process.

  • Promote continued collaboration across MVM - partially realised through the creation and on-going working group which will need to develop this locally within the institutes and deaneries of the school.


Success Criteria

  • Successful deployment of a SharePoint site
  • Content and business flows available on site sufficient for go-live day 1 usage (requirements to be defined - EG what content is required?)
  • New administrative function in place, fully trained and permissions granted
  • Decommission of existing sites to be reviewed. The project would hope that the benefit of publishing a new site + removing old in close proximity provides clarity and ease of use for the end users.

Project Milestones

As of March 13, 2018 - the approach needs to be ratified and all milestones agreed, so this is the baseline for now -

Target Datesort descending Previous Date Title Stage Complete
11-Sep-2017 08-Sep-2017 IS WIS approval for initiation and ASTA submission Initiate Yes
05-Dec-2017 No date available User Story Workshop Plan Yes
28-Mar-2018 16-Feb-2018 End of Planning - Project brief approval Plan No
30-Mar-2018 No date available Create a working group who will meet monthly Execute No
31-May-2018 No date available Agree the structure of the site Execute No
08-Jun-2018 No date available Identify minimum requirements for site content/process flows Execute No
15-Jun-2018 No date available Create permissions structure for site Execute No
29-Jun-2018 No date available Execution Complete - Assess Project Outcomes and determine the timeline Execute No
13-Jul-2018 No date available Absorb user story analysis into a business as usual practise from the project team Execute No
13-Jul-2018 No date available Agree the implementation plan Deliver No
20-Jul-2018 No date available Clarify decommission status Deliver No
27-Jul-2018 No date available Close report created Close No

Project Info

MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery
MVM Business Administration (MVMBUS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Paul De'Ath
Project Sponsor
Sheila Fraser
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