Closure Report

Project Summary

This project proved to be quite a challenge as sponsors changed, strategic requirements morphed, technical support proved difficult to coordinate and MVM staff struggled to support timelines. However, the project did develop a number of alternate projects that arose from the initial wide overview of MVM intranet requirements.

Initiated to review, propose and ultimately deliver a new intranet, the scope was adapted as the project team fed back to the sponsor and governance forum:-

  • business process flows
  • document management
  • training
  • committees
  • complex hierarchy of MVM and how best to represent it
  • ISG transformation programmes especially SEP, with whom we held regular meetings to share information that the project was identifying for them
  • content migration
  • search criteria such as funnelback pilot etc

The project quickly identified a host of potential MVM project developments, many of which were started or became small work items. Subsequently it was quite challenging to maintain clearly identifiable and meaningful milestones, as events moved very quickly.

Year 2 saw the most significant challenge to access SharePoint solution architects in a more flexible way than they were able to provide. This in turn resulted in the project going RED for over 6 months with very little visible movement, essentially it stalled. However, out of this a series of workshops with senior MVM staff reviewing our findings and considering our recommendations finally decided to consolidate behind a new portal (see below).

The project delivered:

Much of this activity continues within the College but the Project Governance team, sponsor and more importantly the Head of College have decided to close the project as is while they continue to develop their strategy around SharePoint over the next 3 years. It is likely that ISG will asked to support further work in this area in the future, in particular the SharePoint team.

SharePoint solution architects are fully aware of the site and subsites .


Analysis of Resource Usage:

Staff Usage Estimate: 135 days

Staff Usage Actual: 149 days

Other Resource Variance: +10%

The budget approved at planning in March 2018  was 135 days, it was increased to 150 days in January 2019, see PICCL 7.



Nine PICCLs were introduced to manage scope, budget and major milestone changes.

Scope and budget were continually managed by the PM and Sponsor and all agreed.

Major milestones were principally impacted by:-

  1. initial access issues with SharePoint solution architects and SharePoint specialist staff during the second half of 2018
  2. lack of a College decision in early 2019 as to how best to take the project forward


Explanation for variance



Key Learning Points

  1. The Sponsor was fully engaged at all times and  can absolutely see the benefits of SharePoint.
  2. MVM have limited budget, huge ambition, and limited availability. They cannot afford to support the agile development approach they wish to follow. They were not able to supply a clear set of requirement for further SharePoint development at this stage. Instead, they are going to update the college site themselves utilising internal capability to create a portal connecting to wiki's, shared drives etc and develop the site over time.
  3. MVM are creating their own internal capability. No additional support is required for the current site and any support query will follow the existing support model for SharePoint via call to


Outstanding Issues


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MVM Business Process Review for SharePoint Delivery
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Paul De'Ath
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Sheila Fraser
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