This project will deliver a robust technical and process driven solution that reduces the manual work and data protection risks currently associated with maintaining the wiki, shared drive and associated Zhejiang work, and facilitates collaboration and exchange of information between staff at Edinburgh and staff at Zhejiang. This is just to highlight that the project needs to work for staff in both locations – if it doesn’t work for staff at Zhejiang and they don’t use it, it will not remain up to date.

This project builds on activities in:



The project is based upon the following themes

  • Document management – including version control – will need to identify creators, editors, viewers etc
  • Golden source – identify the key existing content that will need to be migrated and from where
  • Automate process flows – can we identify, record and deliver improvements
  • Additional email usage – consider news/general communication/events – seek to identify improvements
  • Zhejiang – review whether there are any other requirements out there EG documents held locally
  • Ensure GDPR compliance
  • China Ministry of Education policies – be aware, take account of
  • Test performance of SharePoint from Zhejiang to UoE
  • Permissions and various areas of privacy to be created
  • Ease of use for all users
Shared drive is priority #1
  • Approx. 5 or 6 local UoE colleagues use it
  • Then email data to ZJE, not sure how they preserve it
  • At Zhejiang there is the main campus and also the institute – so likely 2 different email domains, not sure if there will be more
  • Consider migration activity from shared drive – at that stage elements like retention can be considered
  • At some point the project team would want some high level initial testing to take place from ZJE to a UoE SharePoint, connectivity and access etc
Automated process flows is priority #2
  • Will explore after the presentation of Speedwell and Practique occurring as part of MVM522

WIKI is priority #3
  • Purely internal with lots of documents – many of which are legal and or corporation – shared with senior UoE colleagues and lots of how to docs for colleagues visiting China
  • So, 2 distinct audiences


Objectives and Deliverables




O1  Deliver a SharePoint solution ensuring high UoE and Zhejiang usage.    


 Implement an initial pilot offering for detailed feedback on usability, look and feel etc




 Execute training programme where required


D3  The site will be GDPR compliant   M  Project
D4  Decommission any existing shared drives   M


D5  Provide post day 1 support with opportunities to develop considered   M  Project
D6  Implement a phased approach to creating the site   H  Project 
O2  Explore opportunities to improve business processes.    
D7  Develop a pilot based on a high level easy to create example   H  Project
D8  Cost each requirement individually and have approved by Sponsor   H  Project
O3  Implement an improved document management system to replace the wiki.    
D9  This will include document retention, version control, permissions   H  Project
D10  Full details will emerge as we progress through Phase 1 and 2   M  Project
O4  Implement a training programme and ensure post day 1 support available.    
D11  Training will be offered during the project, for example creating user access   H  Project
D12  Propose a formal training period for all key administrative staff   H  Project
D13  Ensure unidesk works and consider additional one off support activities if needed   M  Project
O5   Decommission previous locations    
D14  Once the phase 1 site is up and running and a suitable time period has elapsed with sharedrive re-directing, then decommission   H  Project
D15  Once the phase 3 site is up and running and a suitable time period has elapsed with wiki re-directing, then decommission   H  Project

H=High, M=Medium



Establishing a suite of sites that enable the teams at the UoE and ZJE to work with the same material will immediately bring forth benefits.

Areas where staff can collaborate can be quickly created and the correct permissions applied locally.

All staff can be confidant that version control will ensure colleagues are viewing the correct documents.

Utilising SharePoint links to share information through the UoE and Zhejiang will be protected and fast.

The new modern SharePoint features offer enhanced mobile access.

All items will be built in a very user friendly and easy to support manner, enabling further development as and when required.


Success Criteria

That key staff at Zhejiang and UoE use the site.


Project Milestones

As of October 26, 2018 - expect additional milestones to be included.

Stage Milestone Due Date Previous Date
Initiate Create and approve project brief 16-Nov-2018 No date available
Plan pilot sites 30-Nov-2018 No date available
Execute test China connectivity and performance 14-Dec-2018 No date available
Deliver Priority 1 - shared drive, Priority 2 - automated process flows, Priority 3- WIKI 29-Mar-2019 No date available
Close Create an approved closure report 26-Apr-2019 No date available

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Zhejiang Institute Repository
MVM Business Administration (MVMBUS)
Management Office
Project Manager
Paul De'Ath
Project Sponsor
Michael Shipston
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